How the Media Mindlessly Accepted Bill Gates Fake Research into Hydroxychloroquine

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Executive Summary

  • When Bill Gates funded fake research to show that Hydroxychloroquine was ineffective against covid — the establishment media carried forth the fake results to the public.


It was amazing to go back and read the coverage by the establishment media of a Bill Gates funded study into the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine for covid.

All Bill Gates, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation does is fund fake research. Bill Gates was so critical to creating the covid pandemic that without his funding of both research and media entities — as well as his influence-peddling — there would never have been a covid pandemic. I had heard of the Gates funded article, but I had not read the establishment media’s coverage until writing this article. Read on as you will find I found some interesting and educational things.

Some of the most popular results that came back from Google for publicizing the results of the Gates funded faux research were the following.

  • The Seattle Times
  • STAT News
  • GeekWire
  • JAMA Network
  • New York Times

Let us begin with just one media outlet that covered the story.

Seattle Times Coverage

Bill Gates provides funding to the Seattle Times — however, this was not disclosed anywhere in their article on the study results.

I checked other articles at The Seattle Times on Bill Gates. The Seattle Times appears to function as an outlet that will allow Bill Gates to spin his stories and for him to communicate with the public through a source that looks independent but is controlled by Bill Gates. I found one article that was critical of Bill Gates and his funding of Africa agricultural donations — but it was tame criticism, and all the others that I found were glowing.

This video covers the funding by Bill Gates of media. 

Gates major expenditures can be tracked, but the smaller donations are much more difficult to track — and the media entities do not declare that they receive funding from an entity or person they cover. For example, I could not find donations for any of the media entities listed here — but only learned of the donations to the Seattle Times in passing.

Single Decisive Study?

The explanation of the Gates-funded study was presented as curiously definitive, and none of the media entities explained that the Gates-funded study was one of many studies — and that other studies did show a benefit to hydroxychloroquine. Here is a perfect example of this way of presenting the study.

A large clinical trial conducted by the University of Washington found that people who took hydroxychloroquine were just as likely to get COVID-19 as those who took a placebo, adding to growing evidence that the drug promoted by President Donald Trump early in the pandemic doesn’t seem to work against the novel coronavirus.

What is the growing evidence? This is Jan 2023, as I write this, and here is the performance of Hydroxychloroquine. At this time, there are 375 studies on hydroxychloroquine for covid.