How The NIH And Hospitals Used Remdesivir To Quickly Kill Covid Patients

Last Updated on January 5, 2023 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • Remdesivir was critical in increasing the US covid mortality rate.
  • See how the drug known as Dr. Fauci’s Death Tonic was used.


Remdesivir is a deadly drug that was given Emergency Use Authorization while having its deadly adverse events hidden by ending the study early and through fraud. See how this drug helped medical authorities increase covid deaths.

Remdesivir Is An Ineffective Drug?

Remedsivir is the primary drug treatment for covid in the US.

The following slides are from Whose Interests do Public Health Officials Represent by Brad Geyer. At this link, Brad evaluates several Remdesvir studies.

The following slide shows the conflicts of interest in a study paid for by Gilead Sciences.

The following slide shows that Gilead Sciences probably wrote this study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. That means the study was most likely written by Gilead Sciences, which amounts to the marketing department at Gilead hiring a “medical education” company to rig the study. 

How can studies in which Gilead ghostwrites that the New England Journal of Medicine or NEJM was never present or involved in any of the studies be considered reliable?

The answer is that the NEJM does not seem to care who wrote the study and that NEJM is not performing its quality checking function.

The Ridiculous Model of the Prestigious Medical Journals

I have software vendors that seek to submit articles to Brightwork Research & Analysis for publication. All of the information they provide is rigged and written by the marketing department, and they have offered to pay us to publish it.

However, we would never republish any of the information provided by software vendors. One might say that it is “different” because the pharmaceutical companies perform studies. However, if we allow a software vendor to run a study, we know the result. Why would a pharmaceutical company present an honest study when there is so much money on the line for them for the study to be positive. We conduct research. Why would we want a software vendor to pay for research to be done, which we do not participate in and cannot see what is withheld, and then put our imprimatur of credibility on that rigged study? It does not make sense to publish research that we cannot verify and that we have nothing to do with.

It seems that the New England Journal of Medicine and other medical journals are simply doing exactly what I just outlined but for drug companies instead of software vendors.

I cover the problem with peer-reviewed journals in The Often Hidden Problems With Peer Review Research article.

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The WHO Study Contradicts the Fake Study by Gilead Sciences

The World Health Organization is corrupt. However, they are far less corrupt than the NIH, CDC, or FDA. The WHO has repeatedly contradicted US health authorities, but this was never reported in the establishment media. You can read how the WHO declared the PCR tests invalid back in January of 2021 in the article Understanding the PCR Test and How There Was Never a Reliable Test for Covid. This means that the continually published covid cases were mainly false positives. However, the WHO conclusion was not communicated to the public because it did not fit the needs of the establishment.

Getting back to the WHO’s view on Remdesivir, the following slide explains what the WHO thought of Remdesivir.

Along with these terrible side effects, the WHO states that Remdesivir had no beneficial effect. However, as the note points out, HCQ was tested without zinc, and HCQ requires zinc to work, and one would run an HCQ study without its cofactor zinc to make it look like HCQ does not work. 

The WHO also states that HCQ has no beneficial effect, which is strange as many studies show the benefit of HCQ, which you can see in the following screenshot from C19Early, a site that tracks studies on covid treatments.

HCQ is shown here as more effective than Remdesivir in this comparison, but many of these Remdesivir studies were faked, and Remdesivir has horrendous drugs.

Secondly, as I pointed out with the way the WHO ran the HCQ study, several studies were funded by pharmaceutical-aligned entities to discredit HCQ by removing zinc from the study. This was done because HCQ is off-patent.

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Helping to Promote the Pandemic by Boosting “Covid” Mortality

Looking at a number of the Remdesivir studies and its history going back to when it was a failed drug for Ebola, Remdesivir clearly has a highly negative impact on health and kills a high percentage of the people who take it. This fact implicates Dr. Fauci and the NIH apparatus because they know that this drug is deadly and ultimately ineffective, but they do not seem to care due to financial conflicts. Remdesivir has been important in helping to increase the mortality rate, which is attributed to covid, which helps meet the objectives of the NIH and CDC to have a pandemic.