Executive Summary

  • Most integration uses SAP’s ABAP development language.
  • We cover our approach to using no ABAP for integration.


ABAP is a liability at all SAP customers.

This is why we have designed the SAP Integration Ninja to use zero ABAP.

The Reality of Integration Vendors

We don’t use any ABAP code on the SAP side for the SAP Integration Ninja. This is the most common approach for integrating to SAP — so how do we do it without using any ABAP?

We call standard or custom BAPIs, or they call the SAP Integration Ninja.

  • Many companies use RFCs or remote function calls for SAP integration. However, SAP’s RFC library is a mess while SAP XI/PI is more secure.
  • We use pure code generation, so we don’t have development costs or efforts for integration itself.
  • All integration technologies were made on top of them – XI/PI, MII, OData, IDOC.

Why We Use BAPIs

BAPIs provide us with the following capabilities:

  • Access to read/write data
  • Authorisation checks
  • Business logic validations

The SAP Integration Ninja Approach

To find out more about the approach of the SAP Integration Ninja approach, see the following link.


The SAP Integration Ninja is what we rely on for integration for all of our SAP connectivity. It is a proven technology that does not cost vendors anything — we charge the customer, and because of our efficiency, the cost is quite reasonable. Using the SAP Integration Ninja is a win for vendors and for their customers.

Ninja Demo and Technical Details