How The WHO’s Forecasted Death Rate From Covid Was Exaggerated By More Than 200 Times

Executive Summary

  • Bill Gates has enormous influence and is a top contributor to the WHO.
  • This was critical in getting the WHO to exaggerate the mortality rate from covid.


Part of the WHO’s business model is to exaggerate pandemics. Another entity that desires to exaggerate pandemics is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which only funds entities and research that maximize the ROI of Bill Gates’ investments. This financial bias led to the WHO massively exaggerating the forecasted death rate from covid.

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The WHO’s 3.95% Covid Death Rate Estimate

This quote places an even higher range on the WHO’s mortality estimate.

The experts voicing their opinions to avoid overreacting to the COVID-19 hysteria include the New England Journal of Medicine, Stanford University top AB epidemiologist, Dr. John Ioan needless, and the internationally, internationally Sweden’s top epidemiologist Anders TaiG. Now, in the end these these ignored experts were correct. The World Health Organization told the world that the mortality rate of COVID-19 was a whopping 3.4 to 4.5%. They then compare this to the mortality rate of the flu at point 1%. This fear mongering misinformation was the primer for creating the fake pandemic. The WHO derived mortality rate stated that 34 to 45 people out of 1000 would die from COVID. The actual mortality rate was estimated by our CDC is less than .02%. That is less than 1/15 to 1/20 of the fatality rate claimed by the World Health Organization of 3.4. To 4.5%. – Brainwashed: How the Media and Government Misread, Misinformed and Mismanaged the COVID-19 Virus

This is well explained, but I think this calculation at the end of the quote is wrong. But let us first address just the CDC death rate. If we take the midpoint between 3.4 and 4.5%, we end up with 3.95%. The 3.95% death rate from covid is now entirely discredited.

Ioannidis of Stanford Contradits the WHO’s Estimate

Ioannidis’ estimation is the following.

..the rate of one in 434 infected people (.2%) would die of the disease. For people under the age of 70, the mortality rate was estimated at .05%. – Why Most of What You Know About Covid is Wrong

If we take 3.95% and divide it by .02%, it is not 15 or 20 times different.

3.95%/.02% = 197

So, the WHO’s estimate was off by a factor of very close to 200. Furthermore, it is unclear that even the .05% mortality rate of those over 70 is accurate. This is because the death rate for the US did not increase; that .05% is mostly those that were going to die in any case. That is, they died of COVID-19, not because of COVID.

All The Offical Forecasts Were Inaccurate In One Direction

Something to observe is that every forecast I have reviewed that was used to drive covid hysteria is extraordinarily high versus what eventually transpired. That should be a question as to why the forecast is both positively biased and extraordinarily inaccurate.

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