How to Become an Approved Analyst for SAP?

Executive Summary

  • SAP has a specific set of rules for who they recommend as analysts for the IT media to speak to.
  • See why Brightwork Research & Analysis does not meet these criteria.


Brightwork Research & Analysis is not on the approved analyst list of SAP. Find out why.

Comment by Ahmed Azmi

“I think SAP is now at the lowest point in their entire history. Lawsuits from all sides, bribes on every continent, the highest project failure rate in the industry, and now pulling the plug on internal development for all in-house products. How people can look at all this and spin it positively is beyond my comprehension but again, I am not an “approved” SAP analyst.”

The Lack of SAP Approval for Our Research

“Ahmed’s comment is quite accurate. Brightwork is not on the approved lists of analysts that media outlets are directed to speak to.

Curiously, and perhaps coincidentally, all of the entities on the approved list are in some shape or form compensated by SAP. In SAP’s view, the most unbiased sources and best sources of information on SAP are those sources that are paid by SAP.

But please, stifle any laughter as it disrespects the process. You have to meet a very high standard to get onto this list. First and foremost you must have a bank routing number and account number where they can deposit funds. Or you can be directed by SAP to their clients who required “advisement.”