How to Respond to Oracle’s Arguments that AWS is Only Migrating Non Critical Databases?

Executive Summary

  • Oracle makes the argument that AWS is only migrating non-critical databases.
  • How valid is this argument against the cloud from Oracle?


Oracle has argued that the databases migrated to AWS aren’t mission-critical.

“So, sure, you can do test/dev and run small non critical Databases as many have been doing for years on VMWare. This is what AWS continues to report in their “XXK Successful Database migrations to AWS”. But if you look at how many are true “Oracle Database” workloads, you will see that they are less than .1% of the total.”

AWS had $6.11 billion in revenue in the 2nd quarter of 2018 and grew its revenues year over year at close to 50%. Does Oracle expect companies to believe that RDS is only for small and noncritical databases?

Customers that Run Oracle Database for Enterprise One on AWS

One customer, we are aware of runs Oracle Database for EnterpriseOne on AWS. They have almost a terabyte of production data. They moved off of Secure-24, a hosting provider, and are experiencing more uptime, better database response time, the better overall response time from WebLogic servers on AWS. This is not an isolated story; there are many stories like this.

Oracle has a long-term history of discounting every other offering in the market, and no matter Oracle’s position, Oracle is the best possible option. The only problem, according to Oracle, is people don’t “understand” how great the Oracle option is.

There usually are two positions that you can hold in the eyes of someone from Oracle. One is a position that agrees with Oracle. The other is the position of idiots that questions any of Oracle’s superiority.