Executive Summary

  • Integration with SAP is often expensive and time-consuming.
  • Our SAP Integration Ninja provides speed, cloud, and most likely better SAP integration than you have experienced.


  • All of the utilities from Brightwork run through the SAP Integration Ninja to get data into and out of SAP.
  • We also provide this integration to connect to any system to SAP.

To understand the advantages of SAP Integration Ninja, we have created the following interactive presentations.

View #1: Introduction to the Ninja

To understand the history of SAP integration, see the following interactive graphic. 

View #2: A Brief History of SAP’s Integration Offering

Tracking the history of SAP integration is critical to understanding why SAP integration tends to be so problematic, and why the Ninja has such an advantage over any SAP integration approach or technology. 

SAP has a “not developed here” perspective and an exaggerated interpretation of their competence regarding integration. SAP will coopt new technologies, but never allow them to replace their core integration offering, and in many cases, the attempts at cooption are just to seem like they are not out of touch. SAP’s integration strategy is also quite muddled.

XI/PO/PI is still in many customers, but then SAP’s failed bid to move customers to the Cloud for integration is then contradicted by SAP’s strategy of continuing to use ABAP — which does not work with the cloud. 

Misleading Customers on the Quality of SAP Integration Solutions?

SAP has an army of consultants and consulting firms that will explain any poor performance on the part of SAP integration with catchphrases like…

“its SAP standard,”


“all SAP integration is a best practice.”

Every SAP consulting firm is required to push SAP integration as the best thing available and the natural thing to use if SAP applications are used. This keeps the SAP customer firmly in the SAP matrix.

SAP resources live in a bubble where SAP products never actually have to complete with open technologies. This defensive posture is a major reason why SAP integration is in such a poor state on SAP customers and why integration cannot improve from within SAP or by using SAP’s approaches.

You will be holding your breath forever before any person in the SAP ecosystem admits any of the flaws in SAP’s integration technologies, that has been obvious for decades. 

Now let us continue our presentation on the Ninja to find out the following:

  1. How the Ninja works.
  2. Its technical foundation.
  3. For whom the Ninja was designed.

View #3: Ninja Demo and Technical Details

What Makes the SAP Integration Ninja so Effective?

SAP integration is held back by SAP and SAP consulting companies because these entities are required to use SAP integration technologies and approaches. However, SAP has never had effective integration. SAP still uses IDOCs, does not allow its databases to be accessed directly, and has promoted a series of ultimately failed integration approaches and products on its customers. Think for a moment, how often do you hear about SAP XI/PO anymore?

But do you remember when SAP promoted it as a great integration application?

We do.

Can you ever remember SAP being lauded for its integration capabilities?

Neither can we.

SAP’s approach to integration is to not program to allow integration to be mastered by lower-skilled employees. We cover the problems with this approach in the article How Non-Programming Integration Solutions Undermine SAP Projects.

The SAP Integration Ninja Approach

The SAP Integration Ninja dispenses with SAP’s restricted integration framework not only produce far better and lighter weight integration code, but we run the Brightwork Integration from AWS, which provides us with access to all of AWS’s integration tools.

This gives us access to…

  • Amazon Simple Notification Service
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service
  • Amazon MQ
  • Amazon API Gateway

..and more.

SAP’s integration solutions are never sold outside of SAP accounts, but AWS integration is used everywhere. There is simply no competing with accessing AWS integration services versus using SAP integration, SAP continually lauds its SAP Cloud integration, but this is again held back by SAP’s dysfunctional integration concepts and by having to use SAP “technologies.”


SAP Integration Ninja is what we rely on for integration for all of our SAP utilities. However, we can also use it to perform other types of SAP integration at companies. If you have had your fill of SAP controlled integration and all of its related inefficiencies, talk to us about SAP Integration Ninja.