Executive Summary

  • There is a tremendous amount of lying in software sales.
  • Brightwork eliminates this layer by not overselling what the Brightwork Explorer can do.


A lot of software vendors have a layer of BS that is presented during the sales phase. We do not have this layer. First, our software is not based upon commitment or lock-in.

Here are some of the reasons that we have no BS layer:

  1. We want to enable our customers to do great things with the software, and that means learning how to use it and then using it.
  2. Our implementations are so fast that we can’t afford to have a BS layer. This is because customers will see Brightwork Explorer working so quickly that it will be easy to determine if the value is there.
  3. We don’t charge for access to the software in the beginning. First, you have to receive value from the application. Then after you see the value, we begin charging. There is nothing limiting people from trying the software out, although we limit the usage of the software to some companies.
  4. We are the only company that makes the software of this type, and the world is a big place with many potential companies interested in using our software. For example, a single ERP customer in the world is a potential customer because we can tune any ERP or planning system uniquely.
  5. Unlike many other vendors, we are not public, so we have no investors to please every quarter.