HR Professionals as the Stepford Wives of Corporations

Executive Summary

  • HR is an enforcement and mind control mechanism of the management of companies that pretend to be concerned about workers.
  • Why the book and movie The Stepford Wives is the best way to think of HR.


HR has a long history of lying to workers. If you spend time speaking to HR professionals, it becomes apparent that they is not much depth there. HR professionals have bodily functions and engage in respiration as do other humans, but their brains are permanently set to “conform.” HR professionals don’t ever seem to think through their actions. If you give them a task, they do it. No matter how unethical or even illegal a policy is by a company, companies can rely upon HR professionals to exert their unjust will on the employees.

The Stepford Wives

The book and movie The Stepford Wives describe a fictional situation where the wives in a community become mindless automatons, as described in the following quotation from Wikipedia.

As time goes on, she becomes increasingly disturbed by the submissive wives of Stepford who seem to lack free will, especially when she sees her once independent-minded friends, fellow new arrivals to Stepford, turn into mindless, docile housewives following a romantic weekend. Her husband, who seems to be spending more and more time at meetings of the local men’s association, mocks her fears.

This is just a standard shopping day for HR professionals. HR professionals apply this same mindless conformity in applying management’s unfair treatment against US domestic workers.  

HR Role in Enthusiastially and Punishing the Domestic IT Worker

HR departments have been critical in supporting the replacement of US domestic workers with Indian H1-B workers that are more docile and lower paid.

(Slide from a real company on how to “get along” with Indian H1-B workers set to replace them.) 

If you want to have US domestic worker women in a company taught not to shake the hands of Indian men, and to accept India’s culture which does accept women as equals in the workplace, and to have their jobs replaced by H1-B Indians while training Indians, HR professionals, who are mostly women, are happy to do this job. Any mind control you want as a corporation, HR professionals exist to carry out. 

This is also explained in the following quotation.

Whenever I get together with IT people, every single one of us has seen one or more job postings demanding more years of experience in a technology than that technology has been in existence. And other types of purple squirrel ads also abound.

And then there’s the Applicant Tracking Systems. Then they can say there’s a talent shortage after we’re all screened out. But the human resume screeners in HR are just as bad.

Once I was railroaded out of a job in a ‘regime change” and the HR lady tried to convince me I wouldn’t be eligible for UI. Too bad for her, Colorado is a “gross misconduct” state and I would’ve had to do something borderline criminal.

They are the handmaidens of management,(emphasis added) even the worst managers. If you’re ever blindsided by a false and defamatory evaluation, rest assured they were in on it, even advising your manager how to provoke you and stress you out.


To HR professionals, there is no mistreatment of US domestic workers that is inappropriate. They are the mindless automatons of management, and to HR professionals, management is always right. 

As the Indian takeover of IT becomes ever more prevalent, HR professionals will increasingly be called on to gaslight employees in enforcing thought policing actions on US domestic worker and getting them to accept discrimination “code named as diversity” by the company in favor of Indian workers, and discrimination against US domestic workers by Indian workers.


When HR professionals exercise, they often exercise together also.