How Immigration Attorneys Promote the Controllable Nature of H1-B Employees

Executive Summary

  • Immigration lawyers promote the fact that H1-B workers are tied to an employer and controllable.
  • They actively communicate this “benefit” to companies.


It is always a question of how much lower immigration lawyers can go. Immigration lawyers are instrumental in undermining the labor standards that have been established in the US. Normally, the freedom to move between employers is a well-regarded right and a feature of a civilized society. However, to immigration attorneys, this is actually negative. Immigration attorneys would like companies to consider hiring people that are tied to one employer, as the following quotation explains.

Immigration lawyers openly encourage companies to exploit such green card based hand cuffing.

“By far the most important advantage of [green card sponsorship],” immigration attorney David Saim informed readers of his employer’s guide to immigration law, ‘is the fact that the employee is tied to a particular position with one company and must remain with the company in most cases for more than four years.’ – Sold Out

That is odd because companies and the H1-B lobby have repeatedly stated that the reason they import so many H1-B workers is because of “skills.” However, in private, and in discussions with immigration attorneys they say something quite different.

The Constant Threat Against H1-B Workers

And this is what the employer can always threaten the H1-B worker with

One of the simplest ways the employer controls the H1-B guest worker is through immigration status. The employer has total control over whether the H1-B guest worker has legal status to be in the United States. When a company fires an H1-B worker, it must notify USCIS the H1-B worker must leave the country. There is no grace period for an H1-B worker to remain in the US and look for a job. – Sold Out 

Because India is such an undesirable place to live, this is a very serious threat to the Indian H1-B worker. This is expressed in the following quotation by an Indian.

I am desperately trying to get out of here to be a second class citizen in a western country, because even though I pay my taxes and try to do something in India as a first class citizen, there’s no point.

It’s been a year since I moved to the US and I am now scared to my guts to return to my home in India. People blame the government and corruption for garbage and the filthy streets while the CITIZENS are the ones who pee on the sidewalk and throw out their trash anywhere they want to. I live in Delhi, which is the damn capital and sadly, it is equally filthy. This isn’t anything new, but it bothers me now as I simply cannot imagine going back and living in such a filth. Indians lack a very basic civic sense and quite honestly, it is shocking how people make excuses and try to justify the garbage and filthiness. I pray to God I never have to go back to that country again.

We recently took a sleeper train and there were people spitting all over the floor and there was rubbish all along the tracks … the toilets also emptied straight onto the tracks so poo and wee on the railway lines. When we entered one city there were human skulls amongst the rubbish too.  – The PlanetD


The H1-B program has become a major way that US labor rights are undermined in the US. And immigration attorneys think that the more people can be tied to and indentured to employers the better. And many companies agree — that the best employee is much like the best customer is one that you don’t have to compete for, and one that is locked in.