In Islam Marriage is the Man Purchasing the Woman’s Genitals

Executive Summary

  • Muslims pretend that they are a feminist religion.
  • Then it is strange that Islam views marriage as purchasing a woman’s genitals.


A number of Muslim apologists try to hand wave away the treatment of women in Muslim countries by declaring that Islam is a feminist religion. This is quite bizarre as Muslim countries typically score the worst places for women. In this article, we will review how Mohammed viewed marriage.

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Yassmin Abdel Magied proposes that Islam is “the most feminist religion.” In fact, a big part of what Muslim women do is try to convince non-Muslims that Islam is great for women. 

Lying About Following the Laws of the Land You Live

The statement made by Yassmin regarding following the laws of the land you live in is true, but it is only until Muslims are an insufficient number where they can overturn these laws in favor of Islamic law.

And secondly, Muslims do not even follow the laws of the land. Muslims oppose freedom of speech in countries to which they immigrate and seek to have them rolled back.

Observe this debate on freedom of speech in France. These Muslims are not respecting France’s freedom of speech laws but seek to have dissent silenced — to the point where cartoons of Mohammed cannot be shown. 

How Muslims Really Behave in Non-Islamic Countries

Muslims also continue to engage in forced marriages and a host of other practices that violate non-Muslim countries’ laws. They go to makeshift Islamic courts in Europe, where the courts have no jurisdiction and follow these courts’ rules on matters of things like divorce, rather than relying on the local courts.

Muslims ultimately do not respect any law above Islam. Muslims see themselves as superior to all other people from all other religions. They are told this by Mohammed, as is covered in the article Islam Preaches Islamic Supremacy Over All Non-Muslims.

This is why it is so corrosive to allow the immigration of Muslims into non-Muslim societies. Muslims oppose the values of non-Muslim societies and will always seek to impose their values over non-Muslims. Their position on Muslim superiority is undifferentiated from the views held by the Nazis. They will not admit this to the Kafir, but their documentation and behavior attest to this fact. Islamic societies are too weak to subjugate other societies as they did in “The Islamic Golden Age,” so instead, they have chosen “Plan B,” which is to trick the Kafir by pretending Islam is a religion of peace and on using guilt to obtain entry into non-Muslim countries, which offer a far better standard of living than their own countries.

Questions for Yassmin

Here is a question for Yassmin, who cannot accept all the terrible Islamaphobia she must tolerate living in Australia. Why does she live in Australia?

Remember, according to Yassmin, Australia should have Sharia Law, and Islam is the “most feminist religion.” Yassmin could move to Saudi Arabia, which practices Sharia Law, instead of Australia — but she chose Australia. That is odd. If Muslim counties are so much better for women than non-Muslim countries, why would she want to live in a non-Muslim country? Islamic women say that Islam is the best for women and then do something different from where they prefer to live.

Here is another question for Yassmin — how well does she think she would be accepted in Saudi Arabia being a black woman?

  1. Is it also true that Islamic countries are the most accepting of all races of the world?
  2. Is Yassmin aware that Mohammed thought that Africans were the lowest of people, called them “raisin heads,” and had a death sentence for anyone who called Mohammed black?

Anything that contradicts this or tells the reality of Islam and women is called a stereotype or based upon racism.

These puff pieces allow Muslim women to make false claims, without contradicting them, by the simple act of describing the treatment of women in Islamic countries or by simply referencing highly anti-female quotes from the Koran and Hadith(s). 

The Evidence for Islam Viewing Marriage as the Husband Owning a Woman’s Genitals

The following quote addressed this issue directly.

In traditional juristic understanding, it is the male’s ownership of a woman’s sexual organs which makes sex licit in Islam. Islamic jurists describe marriage as a kind of sale where the wife’s private parts are purchased. However, there are some differences between the rights of a wife and female slave.[6] While a free Muslim woman was considered to be a man’s honour, a slave-girl was merely property and not a man’s honour. – Wikipedia

The Most Muslim Countries in the World

Source: Wikipedia
CountryTotal PopulationMuslim PopulationPercentage Muslim
Western Sahara603,253599,63399.4
Saudi Arabia34,220,00033,535,00098.2
Cocos (Keeling) Islands596< 1,00080
Sierra Leone7,719,7296,067,70678.6
United Arab Emirates9,541,6157,251,62776
Burkina Faso19,742,71512,141,76961.5
Bosnia and Herzegovina3,849,8911,955,08450.7
Ivory Coast26,260,58211,265,78942.9
North Macedonia2,118,945705,60833.3
South Sudan12,323,4192,464,68320
Central African Republic5,745,062861,75915

This is a table of most Muslim countries in the world. All of these countries rank far lower than non-Muslim countries in how women are treated and their rights. 

Muslims receive our Golden Pinocchio Award for proposing that Islam is a feminist religion. 

The Constant Promotion of Rape in Islam

Islam was spread in part through promoting the capture and rape of slaves taken as POWs. Sex slavery has been a major motivator of Islam. Secondly, many Islam leaders had thousands of sex slaves. How a religion that so prominently promotes rape and uses the promise of rape as a recruitment tool can be called a feminist religion is absurd.

This is both how ISIS viewed what the Koran said about rape and what Mohammed practiced when he used sex slavery as a motivator to conquer Arabia in the space of ten years.

In its digital magazine Dabiq, ISIL explicitly claimed religious justification for enslaving Yazidi women. According to The Wall Street Journal, ISIL appeals to apocalyptic beliefs and claims “justification by a Hadith that they interpret as portraying the revival of slavery as a precursor to the end of the world”. ISIL appeals to the hadith and Quran when claiming the right to enslave and rape captive non-Muslim women. According to Dabiq, “enslaving the families of the kuffar and taking their women as concubines is a firmly established aspect of the Sharia’s that if one were to deny or mock, he would be denying or mocking the verses of the Quran and the narration of the Prophet … and thereby apostatizing from Islam.” – ISIS

There is no questioning; this is what Islam says. And yet, Muslim women would like non-Muslims to believe their religion is pro-woman. Muslim women have a lot of explaining as to why the outcomes for women in Muslim societies are so poor and why the history of Islamic societies has been probably the worst for any religion.

And how feminist is the promise of Muslim heaven to those that martyr themselves?

Let us find out.

Ibn Abi Awfa said, Allah be well-pleased with him: The Messenger of Allah said, upon him blessings and peace: “Every man from the People of Paradise shall be married off to four thousand virgins, eight thousand slave-girls, and one hundred wide-eyed maidens of Paradise. (emphasis added)

They shall all meet him within every seven days.

They shall say with their exquisite voices no creature has ever heard the like before: ‘We are the everlasting women, we never grow old, we are the refined women, we never grow sour, we are the ever-pleased women, we never anger, we are the sedentary ones, we never travel away, blessings to him who is for us and we are for him!’” – Wikiislam

Hmmm….and we are to believe that “Islam is the most feminist religion?”


Mohammed was a warlord. Mohammed promoted attacking on-Muslims, taking them as slaves, raping slaves, etc. Beyond this, Islam promotes polygamy for men, but not for women. Mohammed himself had 9 wives and countless sex slaves. Mohammed promised many sex slaves to the bedouin if they fought for him as a recruitment tool. If Islam is to be presented as a feminist religion, then the person making this presentation has no knowledge of Islam or lying.

Muslims are part of a culture where truth and objectivity are not valued. Muslims are instructed to practice the Taqiyya, lying to the non-believer (or Kafir) to defend Islam. This is why one of the least reliable sources about Islam is Muslims.