Introducing Brightwork’s Deloitte Coupon for Terrible SAP Advice

Executive Summary

  • The SAP consulting companies charge top rates but also offer the worst possible advice.
  • With the Brightwork coupon, SAP customers can now get 1/2 on the same horrible advice they have always gotten.


At Brightwork, we provide analysis for companies evaluating SAP and Oracle. And in this role, we are exposed to the documentation and information provided to our clients by the major consulting firms. And how is the quality of this advice? It is absolutely horrible! There are so many areas where the SAP consulting firms mislead their “clients,” we cover just a few of these areas in this article.

Our References for This Article

If you want to see our references for this article and other related Brightwork articles, see this link.

Notice of Lack of Financial Bias: We have no financial ties to SAP or any other entity mentioned in this article.

  • This is published by a research entity, not some lowbrow entity that is part of the SAP ecosystem. 
  • Second, no one paid for this article to be written, and it is not pretending to inform you while being rigged to sell you software or consulting services. Unlike nearly every other article you will find from Google on this topic, it has had no input from any company's marketing or sales department. As you are reading this article, consider how rare this is. The vast majority of information on the Internet on SAP is provided by SAP, which is filled with false claims and sleazy consulting companies and SAP consultants who will tell any lie for personal benefit. Furthermore, SAP pays off all IT analysts -- who have the same concern for accuracy as SAP. Not one of these entities will disclose their pro-SAP financial bias to their readers. 

How SAP Consulting Firms Mislead Clients

  1. One of the first ways is that they do not declare their financial relationship with SAP. The firms make it seem like they represent their client’s interests when representing their own and SAP’s interests over the client. SAP consulting firms will not help their clients negotiate against SAP because that would harm their relationship with SAP.
  2. A second major way is the SAP consulting firm will mindlessly repeat whatever SAP says. No matter how inappropriate the application is for a client, the SAP consulting firms will agree with SAP’s presentation to use the application in question.
  3. A third major way SAP consulting companies conspire against their accounts. The SAP consulting firms share information with SAP about the client to be leveraged by SAP. And they never tell their clients that they do this.
  4. A fourth major way is they communicate no realistic information about SAP applications’ success at other clients, in each case allowing SAP sales to exaggerate their success ratios. Nothing is questioned,  SAP’s timeline estimates, SAP’s roadmap for products, SAP’s methodologies, SAP’s typical overrun on projects, nothing.

Paying Top Rates for the Worst Advice

The SAP consulting companies’ advice creates a curious dynamic where clients pay top rates to get 100% biased information. The consulting companies’ only goal is to bill the maximum number of hours and strengthen their relationship with SAP. And this is why we created the 50% off coupon. With this coupon, any SAP customer will get the standard garbage advice that benefits SAP and the consulting company over the client, but with the coupon, they get 50%. And that is nothing to sneeze at!


The worst advice that benefits the consulting company versus the client is available in SAP consulting’s open market. There is a wide choice in the market. One can be lied to by Deloitte, Infosys, Accenture, IBM, and many other firms. So while the advice is horrible and entirely self-serving, at least SAP customers can choose who will lie to them. And with the Brightwork coupon, they can now get 1/2 off!

It’s a fantastic time to be an SAP customer!