Is SAP Correct that Customers Should Use HANA CDSs?

Last Updated on March 3, 2021 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • SAP has told customers that they must use HANA CDSs.
  • How accurate is SAP on this topic?


SAP has been communicating to customers that they should use HANA CDSs as a primary way to access SAP HANA data.  And that CDS views are the way SAP will go forward in the future, which are available through OData interface.

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Our Analysis

  •  The OData interface is both problematic and not as flexible as SQL.
  • SAP should not be defining how you consume or view the data. SAP offers CDSs. Customers can use them or not use them depending upon whether they find they fit their needs.
  • Business logic cannot be published to the CDSs.


SAP has this way of presenting their options as if they are natural law. If the CDSs are good, a test will show this when compared to your alternative. The things that SAP is saying on this topic are adding up. We record false statements that are routinely made to customers. The idea inside of SAP is that customers have no real right to any truth. Anything is said that supports whatever SAP wants the customer to do.

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