Is There a Best Ivermectin Dosage for Cancers or Different Cancer Types?

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Executive Summary

  • We sometimes receive questions about whether there is a different optimal dosage of Ivermectin per cancer type.
  • In this article, we address this question.

Article Summary

This article covers the different Ivermectin dosages that are best for different cancers. We cover the complications in developing optimal cancer dosages for Ivermectin other important aspects to consider when using Ivermectin against cancer and, how Ivermectin is suppressed by the medical establishment for use against COVID-19, and how they currently suppress Ivermectin for use against cancer.


Here is some important background on the topic of Ivermectin and cancer.

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Things to Know About Ivermectin for Treating Cancer

I found The following important points when researching the Ivermectin dosage for different cancers.

Important Point #1: How Ivermectin Compares Against Other Non-Conventional Cancer Treatments

Ivermectin is the top non-standard or non-conventional drug for cancer. A close second would be Fenbendazole — which also happens to be an anti-parasitic drug. I cover how and why antiparasitic drugs like this work against cancer at the subscription site. It is very interesting and has to do with (most likely) the bizarre metabolism of cancer cells.

Important Point #2: How Ivermectin Compares Against Conventional Cancer Treatments

One of the things we have on our subscription website is many articles on the effectiveness of all the conventional cancer treatments. One surprising thing is that while the cancer centers and overall medical establishment promote the idea of “targeting,” the reality is that conventional cancer treatments are quite untargeted. This is covered in the article How Chemotherapy Drugs Cannot Specifically Target Cancer Cells.

The High Percentage of Healthy Cells That Are Killed With Conventional Cancer Treatments

Ivermectin is better than the standard drugs, surgical procedures, or radiotherapy approved by the medical establishment. (To prove this, it requires a substantial number of articles and analysis of the relative effectiveness for many reasons, one being that antiparasitics attack cancerous cells and leave non-cancerous cells.

In this way, these drugs can be considered the ultimate targeted treatments. With both chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it is necessary to kill hundreds of healthy cells for every cancer cell that is killed. This degrades the immune system and weakens the patient. This is not the case with Ivermectin. There is no example of antiparasitics killing healthy cells. This is true of Ivermectin’s studies and also through personal experience. Everyone at Brightwork takes Ivermectin daily (we take it for general health improvement – none of us is currently fighting cancer), and no one here has ever reported any side effect.

Important Point #3: How Ivermectin Compares Against Conventional Cancer Treatments for Side Effects

Ivermectin has far lower side effects than any conventional cancer treatment. Many people every year are killed not by their cancers, but by their cancer treatments. There are examples of people dying after less than 30 days of chemotherapy. Those deaths are not from cancer but from the treatment for cancer. The medical system always classifies these deaths as “deaths from cancer.” According to the official statistics maintained by the CDC not a single person dies in the US or globally from cancer treatment.

All of the conventional cancer treatments have highly negative side effects, ranging from debilitating to mortal. Many of the side effects of conventional cancer treatments, such as the super progression in response to immunotherapy (where the immune system is so overstimulated it leads to death) or the fact that cancer surgery can lead to major immune system declines — are barely known by the public and very effectively hidden from public view to not interfere wth the profits to cancer centers, pharmaceutical companies, and other parts of the medical establishment.

Important Point #4: How Ivermectin Does Not Interfere With Conventional Cancer Treatments

While I don’t recommend any conventional cancer treatment and would never accept any of them myself, most people still want to do conventional cancer treatments but want to do Ivermectin alongside them.

Luckily for them, Ivermectin can be used alongside any of the conventional cancer treatments without issue. Although I would not recommend telling your oncologist as oncologists have been trained to try to get patients to avoid Ivermectin. This is true even though Ivermectin has been shown to improve chemotherapy side effects, and improves the overall immune response to cancer.

Determining the Appropriate Dosage for Ivermectin For “My Type of Cancer?”

The problem with answering this question is that different studies of Ivermectin versus cancer show benefits at different dosages.

However, studies do not usually test different dosage levels during the study and then compare the benefits per dosage. Therefore, the studies do not study multiple dosages of Ivermectin for pancreatic, colon, or lung cancer and then publish which is best. Instead, they usually chose one dosage and then measured if there was an improvement in a cancer outcome — such as whether a tumor shrunk.

The state of current and previous Ivermectin studies is such that they test whether Ivermectin at a single selected dosage is beneficial.

For this reason, we took many studies with our dosage calculator to develop our estimate. However, we also did more than this. Some of the studies we reviewed had what we consider abnormally low dosages that the medical establishment specifically designed to make it appear that Ivermectin was ineffective.

Therefore, we did not include these studies when developing our average.

Because of how the studies have been designed, we can’t point to research on which to base such a recommendation for different dosages per cancer type. We developed an average and a range based on many studies using different cancers. There are not an unlimited number of studies upon which to base an Ivermectin dosage, and not all types of cancer have an Ivermectin study that has been done for them. Currently, the National Cancer Institute has zero studies funded for Ivermectin. The only study I could see was that the NCI funding was rigged to make it look as if Ivermectin does not work. Ivermectin is highly threatening to many very lucrative cancer treatments.

How Do Studies Differ from Anecdotal Case Studies – And Why Are Both Important?

As individual case studies go on longer than studies, — and Ivermectin has a strong history of success against cancer, it should not be surprising that anecdotal case studies tend to be even more positive than the shorter scientific studies. I have been taking Ivermectin for 21 months. (updated as of Feb 2024). There are no studies that go for this long.

The C19Early Clinical Trial Comparison Website

The website tracks clinical trials. It is the best source of information on the studies of the effectiveness based upon clinical trials of different treatments for covid. However, it is more than this - as it is a model for how clinical trials should be communicated to the public so the corrupt medical establishment does not control the information. This is the website the medical establishment does not want you to see because they want to provide false information to the public to suppress the drug they don't make enough profit from. They want to be able to hide the actual results of the clinical trials from the public but then also say they are "following the science."

Even though this website does not track cancer clinical trials, I will use it to demonstrate how the medical establishment suppresses cost-effective treatments. They do this in all areas of medicine, so cancer treatments are not unique.

What The C19Early Website Shows

The website C19Early overturns their arguments on the effectiveness of the medical establishment's recommended treatments. It shows the effectiveness and low cost of treatments they try to hide from the public. This naturally shows them as the pharmaceutical company propagandists they are.

How This Example from Covid Generalizes for Cancer Treatments

Observe the comparative effectiveness of their favored treatments versus those they actively suppress. This example is taken from COVID-19 -- however, the medical authorities work the same way in terms of suppressing low-cost, effective treatments for cancer while promoting the most expensive and least effective -- and, in many cases, utterly ineffective cancer treatments.

Cost Per Life Saved for Covid

Notice that the top treatments per life saved ranked by cost are all-natural items.

  • The reason is simple. Most people are deficient in Melatonin, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Zinc. These items address these deficiencies and allow the immune system to function correctly. 
  • Ivermectin is listed as the subsequent most cost-effective treatment. Then HCQ or hydroxychloroquine is next after that. However, remember that the establishment media told us the HCQ was not effective against covid -- the primary reason they provided was that Trump said it was probably effective and that he took it and felt better.

Because the first four items (non-drugs) are much less expensive than Ivermectin or HCQ, they are more effective per dollar than the top four items. Every one of these treatments was suppressed by the medical establishment in favor of drugs like Molnupiravir, Paxlovid, and Remdesivir (the last being part of the official CDC protocol for COVID) -- even though these drugs are highly ineffective and far less safe than the items that scored the highest. Look at the cost per life saved versus the first items on the list. 

This is clear evidence that the medical establishment pushes people towards the most expensive and often far less effective treatments that are profit-maximizing for drug companies. Notice that the drug that was part of the covid protocol was Remdesivir -- as you can see at the end of the list -- has a cost of nearly $1.5 million per life saved. Why is this the recommended drug by the NIH and CDC? It should be obvious. 

The more expensive the treatment, the more likely the drug companies and medical establishment will want people to take that treatment -- and for very obvious reasons - the medical establishment is optimizing around the most expensive treatments. 

I cover this topic with a specific case study in How Merck Falsified the Clinical Trails of Molnupiravir to Replace Ivermectin.

Is There a C19Early Type Website for Cancer Treatments?

Unfortunately, there is no website like C19Early for cancer treatments. If one existed, it would be highly damaging to the claims of the cancer establishment. It would also show roughly the same thing -- with the medical establishment and cancer centers optimizing around the most expensive cancer treatments and not offering any of the lowest cost, most effective treatments. 

Ivermectin and Cancer

In addition to covid, Ivermectin also works against cancer. I cover the specific mechanisms by which it works at the subscription site.

The Lawsuit Filed Against the FDA and HHS For Concealment and Suppression of Ivermectin and HCQ

The suppression of Ivermectin and HCQ has been the subject of a lawsuit as is explained in the article FDA and HHS Sued for Concealing Documents Showing Suppression of HCQ and Ivermectin.

Similar to ivermectin, the FDA cautioned against the use of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19, citing a risk of “heart rhythm problems” and claimed the medication was neither safe nor effective for treating or preventing COVID-19.

In filing this suit, AFL has taken a first step toward exposing the truth and holding accountable the individuals responsible for denying patients access to these potentially useful drugs.

This comment explains the motivations for the suppression, which is from a comment on this article. 

One blatant reason they worked so hard to suppress the efficacy of HCQ and Ivermectin is that 50% of the Moderna vaccine patent is held by individual scientists including Fauci within the NIAID and NIH and these same scientists have reaped personal royalty payments of over $80 million to date shared among hundreds. Fauci ducked these very questions regarding payments when interviewed by Congress. Incentive enough to quash these known safe and efficacious drugs?

No one should have paid any attention to the medical establishment's advice on Ivermectin and HCQ for covid, nor should anyone pay attention to their advice on these items versus cancer or any other ailment for that matter. 

MD Anderson’s False Claims About Ivermectin

However, notice what the world-famous and top-ranked MD Anderson Cancer Center, according to US News and World Report, said about Ivermectin and covid.

There is no conclusive clinical evidence showing that ivermectin is effective at either preventing a COVID-19 infection or treating one. People should not take ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19.

The over 90 studies on Ivermectin performed over many years are conclusive. Here, MD Anderson deceptively uses the term "conclusive."

They can't say there aren't many studies, and they can't say that the studies don't show Ivermectin is highly effective, so they state that the totality of the studies is not "conclusive." What would be more conclusive is challenging to imagine. Remember, it only takes two studies controlled by pharmaceutical companies to get any drug approved by the FDA. If Ivermectin were an expensive on-patent drug, MD Anderson would declare that Ivermectin has been conclusively found to be effective against COVID-19 with just those two studies controlled by the pharmaceutical company.

Understanding The Medical Establishment’s Definition of Conclusiveness

What is considered conclusive to MDs and the medical establishment entirely depends upon the ability of that item to generate high profits for the MD and medical establishment. Remember that the COVID-19 vaccines were ineffective against COVID-19 and had major side effects hidden in the clinical trials. However, MD Anderson and the rest of the medical establishment had no problem supporting them. Suppose the medical establishment wants something to be true. In that case, it takes no evidence to be considered conclusively effective.

Rigged Pharmceutical Trials Are A-Ok

MDs and the medical establishment are more than happy to rely upon rigged pharmaceutical trials. They will continue ineffective treatments for decades as long as those treatments are profitable.

One should never allow scientific evidence to interfere with a profitable line of business. 

Why MDs are “So Tired of Evidence-Based Medicine”

As one MD who had been prescribing anti-depressants for many years stated at a presentation when faced with the evidence against their effectiveness and safety problems --

I am so tired of evidence based medicine.

Why Evidence-Based Medicine is Such a “Major Downer” for the Medical Establishment

The biggest problem with evidence based medicine is that it does not align 100% of the time with the profit maximizing needs of the medical establishment. Evidence based medicine is a major downer as it is very damaging for profit maximization.

This illustrates that a very large component of the medical establishment wants the uncontested right to provide ineffective treatments to the public. The medical establishment wants the public to think all of their treatments are based on scientific evidence -- but then prefer to do what they want and choose their preferred treatments without scientific evidence. And as the medical establishment controls the regulators -- there is no one to stop them from doing what they want concerning treatment selection.  

The Aggregated or Pooled Covid 19 Studies 

Notice below that Ivermectin is the most effective item against covid. Regdanvimab is rated higher than Ivermectin, but it has very few studies, most of which were rigged by pharmaceutical companies.

As soon as more studies are done, it will drop far below Ivermectin, as with Paxlovid and Molnupiravir.

This should demonstrate that MD Anderson is willing to lie to the public about the effectiveness of different treatments. If MD Anderson will lie about something that can be verified and contradicted -- what else are they lying about?

The bottom line is that MD Anderson provides information to the public and their patients that is configured around profit-maximizing their lines of business. That is, MD Anderson's allegiance is not to what is true but to profit maximization. 

MD Anderson Maintains Its Credibility

  • The existence of large amounts of false information on MD Anderson's website has not reduced its popularity or prestige.
  • Furthermore, it is not just MD Anderson. Any website from the medical establishment will take the same view on Ivermectin, and they also retain their credibility.

MD Anderson doesn't want anyone to use Ivermectin instead of conventional treatments. That would not be good for MD Anderson's business. They have a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders to provide false information on cancer treatments and Ivermectin to the public. 

How the Medical Establishment Drives Patients to the Least Cost-Effective Drugs

If you look at the worst-performing drugs versus covid, they are the items recommended by the medical establishment (Remdesivir, Paxlovid, Convalescent Plasma, etc..). This is the same thing that happens in cancer treatments. The recommended treatments used by all cancer centers in the US are also the most expensive and least effective per dollar.

Why is this the case?

The reason is that the significant health authorities all work in the interests of the cancer treatment providers without concern for the cancer patients. The government may essentially pay the health authorities- but they work for the companies that control them- just like puppets.

The medical establishment’s role is to move the patients to the highest-cost treatments.

Our Experiences With Ivermectin Dosage and Our Recommended Dosage Level

The dosage levels we came to are the dosage that all of us at Brightwork have taken for years.

Again, none of us has cancer or a specific condition for which we are taking Ivermectin. Instead, we are taking Ivermectin as a disease-preventative and general health booster. After researching Ivermectin, I take it for reasons similar to those of Vitamin D or Zink. These are potent immunity and health boosters.

So What Should Cancer Patients Do for Dosage?

Ivermectin is a very important cancer treatment and is one of several things that all cancer patients can do — regardless of the type of cancer they have. However, the dosage information generally available on the Internet is either deliberately too low and too infrequent (if provided by any website connected to the medical establishment) — or it is based upon the dosage for Ivermectin’s use when fighting parasites. This is not relevant for people looking for a dosage versus cancer.

The dosage recommendation in the Brightwork Ivermectin Dosage Guide is a composite based on all of the studies we could find on the topic.

Why We Developed a Dosage Range

We also have a range in that article because no one knows the exact dosage. The field allows people to take a dosage that they feel comfortable with at any point in the range — or do what most people do, taking the midpoint of the range.

Let us review the logic for where to fall in the range.

  • Cancer is one of the most aggressive diseases that people treat with Ivermectin.
  • Ivermectin safety at the higher dosage range is not an issue, and Ivermectin is one of the safest drugs that exists.

These two facts, taken together, mean that it makes sense for cancer patients to take Ivermectin at the higher end of the range listed in that article. I take Ivermectin at the higher end of the spectrum, as I value the benefits of Ivermectin more than the extra costs. Naturally, it costs more. However, Ivermectin is not very expensive, although its price is highly variable, and it is expensive if one takes Ivermectin manufactured in a first-world country. It is even more expensive if one uses the version produced by Merck.

How Ivermectin Compares to Other Treatments on Cost

Other drugs that treat cancer are very uncompetitive with cancer in terms of cost — this is why the medical establishment does not want you to know that Ivermectin is effective against cancer. The treatments that the cancer industry pushes patients towards are outrageous in cost and climb higher every year. New cancer treatments are nearly always over $200,000 annually and can go as high as $1 million with treatments like immunotherapy.

Why Ivermectin Will Never Be Approved to Treat Cancer

No matter how effective Ivermectin is shown to be against cancer, I am highly confident the FDA will never approve of Ivermectin for this use, as I cover in the article Why the NIH Does Not Have Any Studies on Ivermectin for Treating Cancer.

If cost versus effectiveness were the focus of the medical establishment, they would not only approve Ivermectin for cancer patients, but the government would also cover the cost and even manufacture the drug itself. This gets into a different topic: how the US government lets essential generic drugs cease to be manufactured because they are not high profit enough for drug companies. I will leave that to the side as most people who find this article are primarily interested in getting an optimized dosage for cancer and then finding sourcing for Ivermectin.

About Our Dosage Calculator and More Information on Ivermectin

The dosage calculators for both cancer and use against the health damage caused by the COVID-19 vaccines -- as well as Ivermectin sourcing, safety, and more (over 140 articles on Ivermectin the most information anywhere on Ivermectin, and 800 total articles on medical and health topics) -- is all accessible at our subscription site.

Our Recommended Source of Supply

  • Our approved source for Ivermectin is Summit Products.
  • They carry the Ivermectin we tested for bioequivalence 
  • (you can read about our testing here) for the active ingredient with the original Merck version but at a much lower price than the Merck version. 
  • This source makes Ivermectin much more accessible and has passed our testing.

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