Kary Mullis Knew Fauci Was a Huge Liar

Executive Summary

  • Many people had faith in Fauci without knowing that Fauci has no background working as a scientist.
  • This is covered in an important video.


Many people think that Fauci is an experienced scientist and have placed their faith in him. This video explains the view of the inventor of the PCR test on Fauci.

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The Interview With Kary Mullis on Fauci

This is an important video because it illustrates that real scientists have no respect for Fauci’s knowledge. Fauci has never worked as an MD, or a scientist and has been a career administrator at the NIH. 

Creating a Pandemic From Scratch

The pandemic has been very beneficial for many interests ranging from the health authorities, hospitals, authoritarians in government, Big Tech, and of course, pharmaceutical companies.

You can’t create such a pandemic from such a weak virus-like covid without following some specific steps and lying all the time.