Liberals and other Muslim Allies Are Being Used as Useful Idiots for Islam

Last Updated on August 23, 2021 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • Liberals have become some of the staunchest supporters of Islam.
  • A major reason for this is Muslims reach out to them to make them allies.


Muslims have created alliances with people who know very little about Islam and are susceptible to being tricked into supporting Islam politically. Muslims have reached out and formed a common cause with Google, which is now censoring content if it is critical of Islam. This article will show how Muslims create alliances that are intended to shut down freedom of speech in white countries.

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Useful Idiots

This issue was first brought to my attention by David Wood. He explained very well in the following video how Muslim thought leaders are manipulating a prominent pro-Muslim voice to try to manipulate non-Muslims into supporting an agenda that is ultimately entirely around undermining the US system of government.

How Muslims, Along With Their Allies, Have Made it so Islam Cannot be Critiqued

Muslims have lobbied for decades to make criticism of Islam socially unacceptable.

  • To Muslims, any criticism of Islam is “Islamophobia,” and they engage in personal attacks against critics. Islam has been the world’s number one religion spread by military conquest, Islam has been the most discriminatory religion versus other religions, but according to Islam, Muslims are always the victims.
  • They will provide false information to provide a misunderstanding of Islam to a western audience. What Muslims have a hard time doing is explaining away the practices of Muslim societies. However, liberals normally do not dig very deep into what Islam actually stands for, making the perfect useful idiots for Islam.

Hollywood actors and other WOKE liberals have a severe reaction to any criticism. They appear to instinctively believe that a religion they know very little about needs to be defended. Islam is in a specially protected category that is only critiqued by “bigots.” 


Islam is entirely in opposition to Western values, and Islam has nothing but a desire to undermine Western societies. Liberals who serve as useful idiots for Islam, who could themselves never live in an Islamic society, need to wake up. Islam has done nothing positive for countries that adopted Islam, and Islam favors things like slavery and even wife-beating, that liberals find appalling, but which are hidden from them by their Muslim associations. Liberals are being aggressively lied to by Muslims, who seek to use them as allies, which helps deflect criticism of Islam and reduce freedom of speech in Western countries to the point where no one will critique Islam.