Executive Summary

  • This is the Brightwork Research & Analysis software rating series.
  • We rate both the software and estimate the risk of implementing each application.

MUFI Rating & Risk for Infor Lawson

MUFI: Maintainability, Usability, Functionality, Implement ability

Vendor: Infor (Select For Vendor Profile)


Info is another ERP software vendor, which has grown through mergers and acquisitions. Infor is the 3rd largest ERP software vendor in the world. Infor acquired the ERP software vendor Lawson in 2011. Infor actually has the following ERP products.

Application Detail

Infor10 ERP Enterprise, Lawson M3 ERP Enterprise, Infor10 ERP Business, Infor10 ERP Express, Infor10 ERP Process Business. And these are just the major ERP systems. Infor lists the following ERP systems on their website.

  • Info LN
  • Infor LX
  • Infor M3
  • Infor SyteLine
  • Infor System21
  • Infor VISUAL
  • Infor XA
  • Infor Adage
  • Infor SunSystems
  • Infor Lawson
  • Infor Distribution A+
  • Infor Distribution FACTS
  • Infor Distribution SX.e

However, we have decided to focus on the Lawson ERP system as this is the flagship ERP for Infor.

Infor Lawson has the best user interface of any of the older generation ERP systems. Infor Lawson uses a very inventive interface design where icons along the top provide navigation between the major areas of the application.

Infor Lawson DashboardInfor Lawson also has a decent dashboard that shows the user basic activity.

Infor Lawson Past Due Invoices

The application also has a very useful search bar along the top, along with a search modifier. Infor Lawson has the first application we have reviewed that has updates and alerts that really work well. They are listed per category along with the right side of the user interface.

Infor Lawson Red Ball

This is another view on the alerts – this allows the user to hover over the appropriate icon and see the list of vendors that are on hold.

Infor Lawson Chatter

Infor Lawson has copied the Chatter functionality in Salesforce, which allows comment threads to be saved and accessed. Infor Lawson has done a very nice job with this functionality.

Infor Lawson is an interesting alternative for large ERP buyers. Infor Lawson has the highest ERP worker productivity of any of the ERP applications, which are sold to large buyers. While most of the other large company ERP applications are increasingly dated, Infor Lawson is a borderline ERP system, which is simply a combined financial system with a strong human resources module. That is not necessarily a bad thing, as it is better to go into ERP procurement understanding that buying a single system, which would do everything, was never a feasible strategy. Infor sales will attempt to counter this argument by pointing to its multiple offerings which can be connected to Infor Lawson – however these are all acquired applications, and each one of these applications would need to be evaluated on their own merits. Attempting to allow Infor to perform your solution architecture by pitching all Infor products is a bad strategy.

However, that fact that Infor Lawson combined a finance system with a strong HR system is why Lawson was traditionally strong in service industries such as finance and healthcare. Buyers that fall into this category may want to give Infor Lawson a look, however, if no real supply chain management requirements exist, FinancialForce along with either its consulting service application an HR application would be another possible alternative.

It is certainly true that service industries do not require ERP suites, and in fact even for manufacturers ERP systems are not actually necessary as the rise of excellent stand-alone financial applications provides the flexibility to create flexible solution architectures. For more on this topic see our Solution Architecture Packages.

MUFI Scores

All scores out of a possible 10.

MUFI Scores

Search for the vendor in this table using the search bar in the upper right of the table. Shortening Key: 
  • Ma. = Maintainability
  • Us. = Usability
  • Fu. = Functionality
  • Im. = Implementability
Average Score for Big ERP5. ERP
Average Score for CRM6.
Average Score for Small and Medium ERP8.386.78.5Small and Medium ERP
Average Score for Finance8.88.888.8Finance
Average Score for Demand Planning7.67.277.1Demand Planning
Average Score for Supply Planning6.76.976.8Supply Planning
Average Score for Production Planning6.86.976.9Production Planning
Average Score for BI Heavy5. Heavy
Average Score for PLM77.26.87.3PLM
Average Score for BI Light7.78.798.3BI Light
Arena Solutions Arena PLM 10101010PLM
AspenTech AspenOne48107Production Planning
Birst 88.5108BI Light
ERPNext10107.510Small and Medium ERP
Delfoi Planner866.57Production Planning
Demand Works Smoothie SP910710Supply Planning
Hamilton Grant RM1098.59PLM
IBM Cognos2.731.53BI Heavy
Infor Epiphany7865CRM
Infor Lawson8767Big ERP
Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions9959Finance
JDA DM97.588Demand Planning
Microsoft Dynamics CRM2322CRM
NetSuite CRM6433CRM
Netsuite OneWorld7788Big ERP
Oracle BI4436BI Heavy
Oracle CRM On Demand4535CRM
Oracle Demantra533.54.5Demand Planning
Oracle JD Edwards World4136Big ERP
Oracle RightNow6745CRM
PlanetTogether Galaxy APS10101010Production Planning
Preactor8737Production Planning
QlikTech QlikView99109BI Light
Rootstock9899Small and Medium ERP
Sage X38878Big ERP
Salesforce Enterprise88.597.5CRM
SAP APO DP3432Demand Planning
SAP APO PP/DS2243Production Planning
SAP APO SNP3484Supply Planning
SAP BI/BW1.5242BI Heavy
SAP Business Objects32.573BI Heavy
SAP ECC336.53Big ERP
SAP SmartOps4475.5Supply Planning
SAS BI6.5796BI Heavy
SAS Demand Driven Forecasting7897Demand Planning
Tableau (BI)9101010BI Light
Tableau (Forecasting)10859Demand Planning
Teradata86.39.76BI Heavy
ToolsGroup SO99 (Forecasting)7897Demand Planning
ToolsGroup SO99 (Supply)56107Supply Planning

Vendor and Application Risk

Brightwork Research & Analysis Risk Defined: (See This Link for Our Categorization of Risk)

Infor Lawson is one of the better ERP systems in this category, and it is in many ways a well-designed system that just happens to be short on some functionality. However, Infor’s consulting is not strong, and few consulting companies specialize in Infor Lawson, although they can certainly be found.

Likelihood of Implementation Success

This accounts for both the application and vendor-specific risk. In our formula, the total implementation risk is application + vendor + buyer risk. The buyer specific risk could increase or decrease this overall likelihood and adjust the values that you see below.

Likelihood of Application Implementation Success and Failure

Estimates are for a typical project. A specific implementation requires details from the project to make a project-specific estimate.

Search for the application in this table using the search bar in the upper right of the table.
ApplicationProb of Implementation SuccessProb of Implementation Failure
SAP Smartops0.390.61
NetSuite CRM0.460.54
Sugar CRM0.620.48
Base CRM0.910.09
SAP CRM0.350.65
Salesforce Enterprise0.720.28
QlikTech QlikView0.820.18
Tableau (BI)0.980.02
SAP Crystal Reports0.460.54
SAS BI0.760.24
Oracle BI0.350.65
IBM Cognos0.230.77
Infor Epiphany0.580.42
Microsoft Dynamics CRM0.260.74
Oracle RightNow CRM0.410.59
Oracle CRM On Demand0.360.64
SAP Business Objects0.320.68
SAP BI/BW0.250.75
SAP PLM0.290.71
Hamilton Grant RM0.890.11
Arena Solutions0.960.04
Delfoi Planner0.70.3
PlanetTogether Galaxy APS0.960.04
AspenTech AspenOne0.550.45
SAP APO PP/DS0.270.73
Demand Works Smoothie SP0.930.07
ToolsGroup SO99 (Supply)0.820.18
Demand Works Smoothie0.960.04
Tableau (Forecasting)0.90.1
SAS Demand Driven Forecasting0.820.18
ToolsGroup SO99 (Forecasting)0.860.14
JDA DM0.570.43
Oracle Demantra0.330.67
SAP APO DP0.280.72
Intuit QB Enterprise0.80.2
Microsoft Dynamics AX0.40.6
SAP Business One0.490.51
Sage X30.620.38
Infor Lawson0.580.42
Epicor ERP0.40.6
Oracle JD Edwards World0.310.69
Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne0.360.64
SAP ERP ECC/R/30.320.68
NetSuite OneWorld0.650.35

Risk Definition

See this link for more on our categorizations of risk. We also offer a Buyer Specific Risk Estimation as a service for those that want a comprehensive analysis.

Risk Management Approach

Managing an Infor Lawson implementation means managing the risks related to getting consultants assigned to the project, and secondly to deal with rather limited functionality. This can quickly become a problem if the buyer takes statements made by Infor sales to heart and hold’s the implementation team’s feet to the fire to make all of them come true. And this, by the way, can easily happen, because as we explain in our Honest Vendor Rating of Info, Infor generally has a low accuracy level to the information it provides during the sales process.

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