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Our Research

We perform customized research for a variety of customers ranging from software vendors to software buyers.

A primary differentiator of Brightwork Research & Analysis is that we do not censor any of our coverage. Whatever we find, we publish those findings without concern for who might be offended or what large entity it may contradict. There is no vendor or other entity that can control or adjust what is published on our site.

We publish our disclosure statement on many articles, and we have it included below.

Financial Bias Disclosure

Neither this article nor any other article on the Brightwork website is paid for by a software vendor, including Oracle, SAP or their competitors. As part of our commitment to publishing independent, unbiased research; no paid media placements, commissions or incentives of any nature are allowed.

The Brightwork Business Model

We receive this question constantly. People are inquisitive about how Brightwork Research & Analysis makes money as we take no money from vendors or consulting firms. We perform fact-checking services, and we also can be hired to analyze a wide variety of technical and “agency” issues related to working with IT entities.

Brightwork Research & Analysis

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