SAP License and SAP Management Fact Checking

Executive Summary

  • Our services related to SAP Licensing and terms
  • How we offer the real story on how SAP operates.
  • How we mix contract management with a detailed understanding of SAP products.


We are the only entity that fact checks SAP and SAP consulting firms. We are in constant communication with clients regarding things that SAP is doing on topics ranging from licensing to indirect access to terms and conditions as well as how SAP enforces rules on accounts. In the area of indirect access, we are the only entity to have evaluated and found a legal liability between the way SAP applies for indirect access and tying agreements, which are part of US antitrust law. You can see this analysis yourself at this article link.

What We Offer

We offer to consult on all of the topics related to the SAP relationship and licensing fact checking. We can evaluate the situation on a project, project documentation, and tell you what is normally expected and how to put yourself in the best position regarding SAP.

Offering the Truth as to How SAP Operates

One of the mistakes made by some that offer services in this area is the concept presented is that one can simply review the contract with SAP, and have SAP remove parts of the contract that are a problem. This is an incorrect assumption. SAP applies its rules inconsistently depending upon the sales opportunity that a particular customer presents to the account executive.

Customers must make a determination of how SAP will enforce certain terms and contract clauses depending upon research rather than what the contract exactly states. We have explained this in our coverage of indirect access.

Mixing Contract Management with Technology Understanding

A second error that many customers do is reach out to entities that are good with contract negotiation but do not understand the technology. We covered this topic specifically in theĀ Should You Trade in Unused Licenses for S/4HANA and HANA?

What this article illustrates is that you cannot come to the best conclusion on a course of action without also understanding the technology, its present state, its prospects for future development, what parts of it work and what parts can’t be relied upon etc. We produce the most independent and most detailed product research of any entity on these topics. So when we provide license consulting, it is always integrated into the understanding of where the SAP product information.

The Necessity of Fact Checking

We ask a question that anyone working in enterprise software should ask.

Should decisions be made based on sales information from 100% financially biased parties like consulting firms, IT analysts, and vendors to companies that do not specialize in fact-checking?

If the answer is “No,” then perhaps there should be a change to the present approach to IT decision making.

In a market where inaccurate information is commonplace, our conclusion from our research is that software project problems and failures correlate to a lack of fact checking of the claims made by vendors and consulting firms. If you are worried that you don’t have the real story from your current sources, we offer the solution.

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