Why Does Infosys Marketing Literature Directly Copy SAP’s?

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  • Infosys Marketing Literature


From an independence perspective, it is a concern how much “copy and paste” there is from consulting companies. This quotation below was off of the Infosys website. This is essentially directly lifted from SAP, and it shows the degree of copy and paste that occurs and the way that messaging is coordinated.

“At SAPPHIRE NOW and the ASUG Annual Conference, you will have the opportunity to explore the full array of Infosys’ winning solutions based on SAP S/4HANA, SAP Ariba, SAP Fieldglass, SAP hybris, SAP SuccessFactors, Concur, and Fiori, that have given our clients the competitive edge. Attend the joint sessions with our clients to understand how to jumpstart your own digital journey.” – Infosys Website


This means that when a customer talks to Infosys, Deloitte or any other consulting company, they are not offering their own views, but rather presenting SAP’s views.



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