How SAP Sponsored Studies Are Repeated in the SAP Ecosystem

Executive Summary

  • SAP sponsors studies from firms like IDC and Forrester that produce false information.
  • This false information is then repeated by biased individuals.


This article is an illustration of how inaccurate information is replicated from its original source — which is an SAP funded study, into the general SAP ecosystem.

The Quote

This quotation was taken from LinkedIn by a partner at PWC who has a long history of providing inaccurate information around S/4HANA.

I thought I saw some stat that said circa 75% of ECC customers planned to move to S4 by 2025. If they are planning there must be some understanding. One big gap I see is how to get there as there are marketing views for conversions and all of the great tooling out there, as well as for greenfield and the different set of tooling out there. – Mark Chalfen

What is the Source of This Quotation?

The quotation of 75% of customers planning to move to S/4HANA by 2025 is most likely from an SAP sponsored study published by IDC.

The number quoted by IDC is 73%, which is the only poll I can find that is even close to the 75% quoted above. Others polls show a much lower percentage of companies planning to move to S/4HANA by 2025.

We analyzed in the IDC article in IDC Takes Money to Publish SAP Provided Sample on S/4HANA.

The IDC study follows the example of previous SAP sponsored studies in that the sample is provided by SAP. Such as when SAP provided Forrester with exactly three S/4HANA customers for their S/4HANA TCO study.

Faking an Ignorance of Statistical Sampling

These types of studies pretend that they do not understand sampling and that therefore any sample is representative of the population. Curiously, while we promote math and science competency, we have major publishing entities that will publish any poll in return for money. And using any sample provided by the entity providing the funding. SAP Marketing then exaggerates the already false poll on their website.


The point of such falsified polls is to push inaccurate information into the SAP ecosystem where it will be repeated by other financially biased parties with no analysis performed as to the validity of the study.

Financial Disclosure

Financial Bias Disclosure

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