Accenture Writes a Good Technical Paper on DP and SNP

Executive Summary

  • What are Accenture’s Papers like Historically?
  • What is the Primary Motivation of White Paper or Technical Document Writing?
  • Why is this Paper an Exception?

The History of Accenture Documentation

Technical documentation is only very rarely published by Accenture. That is why their research can’t be considered as such, as they will alter it to increase sales. This is a problem because there is a lot of this type of commercial material on the web, that does not do much more than serve as a calling card for the company which I described in Writing Marketing Driven White Papers to Getting Business. They leave out a lot of the complexities of the topic, and simply propose that you contact them.

I have to say this is a good paper on the steps of how to setup DP and SNP should be lauded, and it is so strange for a document of value to be produced by Accenture, I thought I would bring up its anomalous nature here.

Accenture’s Technical Documentation

The paper is how technical documentation should be written. Clear, step by step and jargon-free directions of how to do things. This documentation fairly well dominates the SAP Help documentation on these topics which is close to indecipherable, which is one of the reasons this blog is popular. However, with the Accenture documentation, it is not listed who wrote the document, which I always think that is wrong. The company’s name can be on the work, but the paper was written by a person, not a computer, and they deserve attribution. So if you are interested in basic setup of the DP and SNP-environment, you will want to read this paper.

Advice on Enjoying the Multimedia Presentation

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Risk Estimation and Calculation

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