How Accurate Was SAP on Only SAP HANA Being an ACID Database?

Executive Summary

  • What SAP said about only SAP HANA being an ACID database.
  • The truth about only SAP HANA being an ACID database?

What SAP Said About Only SAP HANA Being an ACID Database

SAP made some strange statements about HANA being the only ACID database. Or that it was the only ACID database with a number of other features. The intent appears to have been to have prospects believe that being ACID compliant is a major differentiator for HANA versus competitors.

The Truth About Only SAP HANA Being an ACID Database?

As we covered in the article How Accurate is SAP on Only HANA Being an ACID Database?, all of the databases that HANA competes with are ACID compliant and have been for decades. This phrasing can only have been created to mislead readers.

Conclusion and Calculation

SAP receives a 0% accuracy rating for ACID compliance being some unusual or special feature exclusive to HANA.

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