• We analyze the issue with scientific consensus and the financial bias that drives so much science.

#1: Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journals

In the article The Problems With Peer-Reviewed Research, we covered how prestigious peer-reviewed journals ranging from the New England Journal of Medicine, the Lancet, and the Journal of the American Medical Association have become captured by pharmaceutical interests and now serve primarily as a marketing function for these same companies.

This means that medical research published in these journals is not reliable, and the public has virtually no idea this is the case. This fact has been devastating for the analysis of the covid pandemic, as false studies have been accepted and driven billions of dollars of spending terrible policies, as is covered in the article How The FDA Ignored Their Committee Recommendations On the Covid Vaccine Studies.

The problems with peer review are not new. Amazingly, the public does not know there is no evidence that peer-reviewed journals produce better research outcomes than non-peer-reviewed. The entire tradition began in the 17th century without proof of benefit. This means that peer review research tends to have its conclusions accepted without investigating the many potential errors and conflicts of interest contained in these studies.

#4: Censorship and Self Censorship and The Overton Window

There is a tremendous amount of censorship in research. Good research means working from data to conclusions. However, there are so many areas where an Overton Window is set as to acceptable conclusions. The following video explains the Overton Window. This video deals with the Overton Window in politics, but it quickly becomes apparent how it applies to research.

In addition to the research being manipulated to satisfy those that pay for it, it is manipulated to ensure that it falls within what the readers will find palatable. Bravery and independence are as important as intellect in producing research.

How Self Censorship Works

Suppose a researcher knows they have a supported conclusion but doesn’t publish it because of either financial considerations or Overton Window considerations. In that case, the output is less research and more telling a targeted group what they want to hear.

When Is a Video on Bacteriophages Not Just About Science Education?

The following shows the problems with corporate funding of research or educational endeavors.

This is a very well-done video, and it provides essential information about how bacteriophages work. However, the problem is that in the end, one learns that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded the production, and Bill Gates has investments in applying this medical technology.

Why Was The Video Above Produced?: It Is Paid for Marketing For The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Investments

This video was funded to increase the ROI on these investments. Bill Gates is invested in this exact technology and fed the information to this company to produce the video precisely as desired by the Gates Foundation.

This means that this video falls into the category of marketing for Bill Gates’ investment portfolio and is not a balanced reflection of the potential of this technology. That is, the video was produced to make Bill Gates more money, and that is, it is marketing collateral. Bill Gates is constantly funding fake science worldwide, as we cover in the article How Bill Gates Funded Science Fraud in the Imperial College Covid Forecast Model.

Problem #1: Potential For Exaggeration And Biased Source Information

And this means the information contained within it is likely to exaggerate the potential of the topic area (bacteriophage technology). Furthermore, much of the information on how “great” this technology is was most likely provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Problem #2: Marketing Collateral Veiled As Education

This is an insidious type of marketing — it covers what marketing material with the patina of scientific objectivity is. The CDC, WHO, Johns Hopkins, and many more are all recipients of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funding — all that money comes with strings attached. 

A Pandemic of Rigged and Financially Biased Research

If you visit the websites of other entities or even university websites, you won’t see anything that has been covered so far listed on their websites. The presented idea is that their research is valid, “don’t worry about the details.”

Just look at the output.

Turn off your brain. 

However, everywhere one looks, there is a problem with rigged research manipulated to meet the financial objectives of the entity producing the research.

Why Good Research Or Advisory Can Never Be Profit Maximized

The secret to good research is not to maximize profit, and profit maximization is the end of proper research. One of the most prolific research entities in human history was Bell Labs. For decades Bell Labs was funded by the monopoly AT&T. However, after AT&T was broken up and Bell Labs was made more “market-driven” and more focused on profits, Bell Labs went into a steep decline.

The Necessity of Validating Advisory Information and Research

We hope the case has been made that there are many problems with advisory information and research. The major problem is that the entities providing this information do their utmost to hide their financial conflicts, exaggerations, and distortions.

We constantly review advisory documents and research, which gives us an advantage over those who only occasionally review this material.

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As you can see, if you have made it this far, it is challenging to obtain accurate information from the entities listed above.

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