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The Real Story Behind ERP: Separating Fact from Fiction 

What the Book is About

This book chronicles possibly the most interesting story of the past several decades in the enterprise software space: the lack of evidence for the benefits of ERP systems. Yes, the most popular and widely purchased application in enterprise software had a series of logics or central arguments for why it should be purchased. In the early stages of the ERP “revolution” there was no evidence, proposals regarding ERP were made without evidence. Three decades into the history of ERP systems, the evidence is in, and it looks quite a bit different from what was originally proposed. (see more)


Replacing Big ERP: Breaking the Big ERP Habit with Best of Breed Applications at a Fraction of the Cost

What the Book is About

This is essentially part 2 in the SCM Focus ERP book series, the first being The Real Story Behind ERP. While The Real Story Behind ERP is primarily focused on presenting an evaluation of the research into the benefits of ERP systems, Replacing ERP is focused on what to do about it. This book is connected to Enterprise Software TCO in that it uses TCO estimations in the broadest sense, to compare entire competing solution architectures, one made up of ERP.. (see more)