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SCM Focus Forecasting Books

Forecasting is where supply chain planning begins. However few books are written form a practical orientation combined with explanations of how to get the most out of software to improve forecast accuracy.

A brief description and link to more detail is listed below:


Supply Chain Forecasting Software

What the Book is About

This is a book that show comparisons of different functionality in a number of forecasting application. This book covers statistical forecasting, consensus forecasting and collaborative forecasting. This is one of the only books to compare different applications in order to fully explain how forecasting functionality can be leveraged. (see more)



Promotions Forecasting: Techniques of Forecast Adjustment in Software

What the Book is About

Promotions are a constant in most consumer products companies among many others. Performing promotions forecasting effectively means not only leveraging application functionality, but also doing the right things offline in order  to organize how to make the adjustments within the application. (see more)