Our Books on Production and Manufacturing Software

Constrained Supply and Production Planning in SAP APO

What the Book is About

Constraint-based planning generates something that is appealing to all manufacturers: a feasible supply and production plan. However, constraint-based planning software was first implemented over twenty years ago, and yet few companies have mastered constraint-based planning. This book provides the background information, detailed explanations, step-by-step examples, and (see more)

Superplant: Creating a Nimble Manufacturing Enterprise with Unique Planning Software

Screenshots and examples from PlanetTogether and SAP APO. 

What This Book Is About

Some companies have the requirement to be able to perform multi plant planning (sometimes called multi site planning) is ability to make decisions to schedule production between alternate locations which can produce the same product. In some cases this is comparing processes which would produce a finished good, however in other cases it is a component or subcomponent which is an input to another production process at a downstream factory. (see more)

Process Industry Planning: Manufacturing Processes and Software

Screenshots and examples from PlanetTogether, AspenTech and SAP APO and SAP ERP. 

What This Book Is About

The only book which covers process industry manufacturing software, this book covers many different types of process industry manufacturing environments, and describes how the planning needs of the process industries are so unique and stand apart from discrete or repetitive manufacturing. The book also covers how to leverage specific functionality in multiple applications in order to meet common process industry requirements. (see more)