SCM Focus SAP APO Books

We currently have five books published on SAP APO. All of the books are based upon a combination of real project experience, along with reviews of academic research and the other literature. At SCM Focus we follow the approach of the RAND Corporation with regards to referencing previous work:

“A high-quality study cannot be done in intellectual isolation: It necessarily builds on and contributes to a body of research and analysis. The relationships between a given study and its predecessors should be rich and explicit. The study team’s understanding of past research should be evident in many aspects of its work, from the way in which the problem is formulated and approached to the discussion of the findings and their implications.”

A brief description and link to more detail is listed below:

Multi-Method Supply Planning in SAP APO

What the Book is About

Which supply planning method meets your company’s business requirements? The answer might surprise you! Here’s the truth: There is no one right supply planning method for all situations, even within one company! In fact, it is unnecessary to choose only one method, and using multiple supply planning methods is feasible and in most cases, has many advantages over using a single method. This book explains why no one supply planning method meets all (see more)

Planning Horizons, Calendars and Timings in SAP APO

What the Book is About

APO is the most fully-featured supply chain planning suite on the market, and its sheer number of timing settings makes it one of the most complex as well! Keeping these settings straight and associating the timings across the modules—as well as coordinating the timings with the connected systems—is a challenge in APO. If you would like to better understand the timing (see more)

Constrained Supply and Production Planning in SAP APO

What the Book is About

Constraint-based planning generates something that is appealing to all manufacturers: a feasible supply and production plan. However, constraint-based planning software was first implemented over twenty years ago, and yet few companies have mastered constraint-based planning. This book provides the background information, detailed explanations, step-by-step examples, and (see more)

Setting Up the Supply Network in SAP APO

What the Book is About

Never before has a supply planning book concentrated solely on setting up the Supply Network Planning (SNP) model in SAP APO, the most fully-featured supply chain planning suite on the market. This book is the only book on supply planning to focus entirely on how to set up supply networks in APO, and how to meet highly-customized requirements that (see more)