Our Books on Supply Planning Software

Inventory Optimization and Multi Echelon Software

What the Book is About

This books explains the emerging technology of inventory optimization and multi-echelon (MEIO) supply planning. It takes a complex subject and effectively communicates what MEIO is about in plain English terms. This is the only book currently available that describes MEIO for practitioners, rather for mathematicians or academics. The book describes with text and graphics (see more)

Supply Planning with MRP/DRP and APS Software

What the Book is About

This books focuses on the five non-MIEO methods of supply planning, MRP/DRP, heuristics, allocation, and cost optimization. (MEIO is covered in the companion book). As with all SCM Focus books, it is written by and targeted at practitioners, the book specifically explains how each of the methods work. It also delineates the differences between them, as well as providing the history of their development and what approaches have been found to work in implementing each method over time (see more)