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Excutive Summary

  • Our Project Schedule Template or Project Scheduler
  • Project Planning and Scheduling Generally
  • Conflicts of Interest in Project Schedule Development
  • The Root of the Change Order
  • Project Timeline Estimation
  • Our Work in Project Planning Scheduling


Creating a project plan or project schedule is one of the most important steps in the process of IT implementation. However, it is also one of the most difficult. The input to the project schedule includes the following inputs:

  1. The Consulting Resources
  2. The Scope of the Functionality to be Implemented
  3. The Maturity of the Implementing Company
  4. The Availability of Internal Resources
  5. The Implementation Complexity of the Selected Software

Inaccuracies in these assumptions lead, to a project schedule which will be inaccurate as well.

Conflicts of Interest in Project Schedule Development

One of the major problems with project plans and project schedules is that while they may be developed by companies with the domain expertise (expertise in the software), they are often developed by those with a conflict of interest. Many software vendors and consulting companies “backward engineer” the length and cost of the project to get the business. The approach of underestimating the implementation project and then submitting changes to the plan at a later date (after the sale is consummated) is called “change ordering” the client.

The Change Order

Now a change order can be valid or invalid. In many cases, the scope creep was promoted by the customer. In that case, the consulting company or vendor is blameless. We have been on many projects with client driven scope creep, and most projects do have a tendency to increase in scope. In many cases, change orders are deliberate on the part of consulting companies or vendors. In fact, we have seen proposals on the part of some software vendors that promote the idea of implementation timelines that we know are completely unattainable.

However, in either case, the change order is driven by some assumption that was made in the project planning phase that was inaccurate. Our view is that all project schedules produced by biased entities (those that serve to gain implementation business or software sales) should be verified by a third party without any financial bias.

The Brightwork Project Estimation Calculators

We help the process by the development of project schedule template and project schedule calculators as you can see below. The Each project schedule template is customized for a particular application. Each is a specific project scheduler.

What It Is

This package provides project planners with estimations for your project. It is an automated tool that just requires input on a few factors. This online calculator will constantly change depending upon inputs that you provide.

What Makes Up the Calculation

Each package is a combination of four analyses. The first analysis is the Initial Pricing Calculation. This is not the TCO, which is covered by our TCO packages. Instead this provides the software costs and the hardware costs required to “get started.”

The second analysis is the Implementation Duration Calculation, which estimates the duration of the implementation. By entering a start date, the calculator will produce an expected finish date.

The third analysis is the Implementation Staffing Calculation, which estimates both the number of resources to be assigned to the implementation. This is combines the staffing of internal and external resources.

How It’s Unique

We offer the most comprehensive and accurate enterprise software calculators. Our self-service calculators have been developed through detailed analysis verified by many years of project experience combined with all the available research. The formulas used are nuanced, and do not simply “scale” in direct proportion with changes to the inputs. Each calculator is self-service allowing you to continually change different elements in order to see the impact on costs, and therefore improving your ability to plan your purchase and many other aspects of the software involvement.

Our calculators are the most time and cost effective way to improve your software experience.

How it Works

Simply enter the factors that are specific to your project and the project planning calculator will provide the estimate.

Project Planning Packages

CategoryBig ERP
OracleJD Edwards EnterpriseOne
OracleJD Edwards EnterpriseOne XL
EpicorEpicor ERP
CategorySmall and Medium ERP
SAPSAP Business One
MicrosoftDynamics AX
Process ProProcess Pro
OracleJD Edwards World
CategoryFinance & Accounting
Financial ForceFinancial Force
Arena SolutionsArena PLM On Premises
Arena SolutionsArena PLM SaaS
Hamilton GrantHamilton Grant
CategoryDemand Planning
ToolsGroupSO99 Forecasting
SASSAS Demand Driven Forecasting
TableauTableau Forecasting
Demand Works Smoothie
Forecast ProTRAK
CategorySupply Planning
ToolsGroupSO99 Supply
Demand WorksSmoothie
CategoryProduction Planning
Aspentech AspenOne
PlanetTogetherGalaxy APS
DelfoiPlanner on Premises
DelfoiPlanner SaaS
CategoryBI Heavy
SAPBusiness Objects
OracleOracle BI
ActuateActuate One On Premises
Actuate Actuate One SaaS
CategoryBI Light
SAPCrystal Reports
TableauTableau BI on Premises
TableauTableau BI
QlikTechQlikTech Qlikview
NetSuiteNetSuite CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
OracleCRM On Demand
Sugar CRMSugar CRM

Our Work in Project Planning Scheduling

As developers of the most comprehensive project planning and scheduling calculators, we are in a good position to offer project timeline and project planning and scheduling services.

Our calculators provide straightforward answers to project schedule questions of the project timeline. However, with consulting, we can offer the following additions.

  • Checking the assumptions that are used to populate the calculators.
  • Developing a complete project plan. All of our project plans can be interactively logged into and input provided directly into the project planning software.
  • A project timeline with a full sequence.
  • We can turn around the project schedule very quickly and at a reasonable cost. Some companies use our project planning and scheduling services to verify plans that they receive from software vendors or consulting companies.
  • We provide this service remotely and we can support implementations anywhere in the world.

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