Brightwork Analytical Products

What It Is

Our analytical products put the information necessary to improve decision making into your hands. They are empowering because they are self-service, which means that, rather than being “handled” by consulting company, you get the information and get to work with the information. They are timesaving because they include much of the numerical information you would get from a software vendor – as well as additional information that they would not share – without having to interact with every software vendor on your list.

Decision Making Support

Any company making decisions on enterprise software needs quality information and estimation, however, firstly quality and unbiased information is hard to come by. Secondly, there is very little in the way of quantification. One of the amazing conclusions from our analysis prior to developing our site was that there is no entity that estimates the comparative risk of different applications. Our analytical products are very focused on providing hard information, and some of our analytical products answer questions that no one answers in a quantitative dimension.

How It Works

After you sign up, you will be provided access to the analytical product page of your choice. You will be able to access all of this information within minutes. Select from the following analytical products.

Analytical Products

Honest Vendor RatingsSoftware vendors rated on innovation, reliability, etc.
Software Category AnalysisHigh level analysis of covered software categories
MUFI Ratings & RiskOur application ratings & risk estimation
Project Planning PackagesInteractive calculator providing FTE, duration, finish date estimates.
Enterprise Software TCO CalculatorsInteractive TCO calculation; software costs, hardware costs, implementation costs & maintenance costs.
Solution Architecture PackagesCost comparisons between different solution architectures.