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Arena Solutions is a SaaS multi-tenant software vendor. They are a visionary company which has a set of highly flexible and practically usable applications. They are focused on the long-term, on keeping their costs low, continually improving the software, and educating their customers and prospects on how to perform BOM management best. They have a good blend of focusing on their core product, while keeping an eye open for related growth areas – but are careful about making investments in new applications until they see the response from their customer base.

Quality of Information Provided

The quality of the information provided by Arena Solutions is excellent. First, its website is filled with educational material on how to perform BOM management correctly. Arena Solutions is also a thought leader in the space. This is something that we have observed, that the best software vendors not only provide excellent quality software but often tend to be the “graduate students” in the domain of the process which the application covers. Arena Solutions is so far advanced over how most companies manage the BOM, that Arena is in the position of having to meter out knowledge on the topic to not overwhelm its clients. Arena Solutions provides accurate information during the sales process.

Consulting and Support

Arena Solutions has experienced consulting and support resources, and Arena renews over 93% of its subscribers every year.

Internal Efficiency

Arena Solutions has a motivated workforce who knows that Arena Solutions is an excellent place to work and is visionary. Arena Solutions development, as well as marketing, are some of the most productive in any software vendor we cover.


Arena Solutions is a highly innovative software vendor. Arena is one of four software vendors that we cover that have achieved a perfect innovation score. Arena is currently broadening out its application offering. Arena’s primary application is called Arena PLM, and they offer a series of tools that improve the use of and integrate with Arena PLM. However, while we don’t specifically have a category for this, Arena is our top-rated vendor in terms of their ability to develop collaborative software. Therefore, they are currently developing applications that move more into the supply chain management space – an area which is in great need of better collaborative solutions.

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