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Business Forecast Systems is a small software vendor that has been in forecasting since 1987. Business Forecast Systems is the type of software vendor that we typically recommend to work with. They are very concentrated on their application and have continually been developing their application ForecastPro for decades. The money buyers spend on the actual product and not to marketing hyperbole. They are also privately held.

Quality of Information Provided

Business Forecast Systems provides useful quality information during the sales process and in its documentation, blog, etc..

Consulting and Support

However, our interactions with them support the fact that they are quite experienced and know their application as well as can advise how to best leverage the application. However, we do not have the broad-based information from several buyers on which to grade Business Forecast Systems.

Business Forecast Systems follows a remote consulting model, identical to the software vendor Demand Works and PlanetTogether, where a few numbers of expert consultants get the application up and working and provide guidance primarily remotely. This means the implementation costs are low, and the consulting value is high. This model is also based upon the software is easy to learn. Business Forecast Systems also occasionally implements through consulting companies.

Internal Efficiency

Business Forecast Systems has high efficiency. They are small and have limited bureaucracy.


Business Forecast Systems has a high innovation level. We predict that its software will reflect the best ideas in forecasting in the future.

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