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Delfoi is based in Finland. Delfoi is not what we consider to be a full packaged software vendor because so much of their software is in direct response to their client’s requirements. Delfoi is worth a look for companies that are interested in semi-custom requirements as they are very much set up for that type of work.

Quality of Information Provided

Delfoi is a serious software engineering firm, and the quality of information it provides is generally reasonable.

Consulting and Support

Buyers that purchase from Delfoi can expect quite experienced consulting resources, which is very focused on configuration and problem-solving. Delfoi’s experience with custom requirements and custom consulting requirements gives it a leg up on many other software vendors that sell packaged software but do minimal customization. Delfoi is the type of software vendor that we would strongly prefer not to pair with a consulting company as this would have a strong likelihood of restricting the creativity of the ultimate Delfoi solution.

Internal Efficiency

Delfoi is a small consultancy/software vendor, and from an analysis of their application, they have excellent internal efficiency.


Delfoi is a strong innovator. It had taken many years of experience in accepting requirements, both in production planning and scheduling and in other areas such as flexible tooling and converting those requirements into solutions.

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