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The application ERPNext is produced by the company Web Notes Technologies, however, as they do not market under this name, we simply refer to both the company and the application as ERPNext.

ERPNext is one of the few software vendors that we cover that is not based in the US. ERPNext is based in India. The company that makes ERPNext began as a custom development company until they hit upon the idea of offering an ERP system. ERPNext’s objective is to continue to build applications for small businesses. ERPNext is still little known but has won numerous awards as offering a best open source application.

Quality of Information Provided

The quality of information provided by ERPNext is of good quality. They certainly do not have the large sales quotas that are a plague at many software vendors. Numerous interactions and observations have lead us to conclude that ERPNext does not have the normal propaganda apparatus that is so common in software vendors. In truth, currently, it’s debatable if ERPNext even has a single person who focuses on marketing. They do some marketing, but not the type of marketing that is the norm for a software vendor. They get most of their business through the web. They are simply not outfitted to provide a great deal of false information to their prospects. We also found their user manual to be quite accurate and quite well written.

Consulting and Support

ERPNext is not implemented by the major consulting companies, greatly speeding the implementation of ERPNext. ERPNext is one of the fastest if not the fastest implementing ERP systems that is available. Yes, their application is much more simple than larger ERP systems, but the difference is not as large as one would expect.

We have found support to be responsive, and ERPNext knows their application very well.

Internal Efficiency

ERPNext has good management and is still quite small. Therefore its internal efficiency is naturally high.


ERPNext has built one of the most efficient ERP systems that we have tested.

ERPNext is one of the top innovators in the ERP space. They have made important contributions to ERP usability, and we consider them the leader in this area. We predict more innovation from ERPNext in the future.

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