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QlikTech is the other trending BI Light software vendor that is riding the self-service trend. QlikTech has been around since 1993, but only had 70 employees up until 2003, so its primary growth has been since 2003 as it is now over 1700 employees. QlikTech was founded in Sweden but is currently based in the US.

Quality of Information Provided

Due to how sales are structured at QlikView mean the Sales information is only moderately reliable. However, in terms of documentation and collateral (we try to read as much of the vendor-provided collateral we can), we grade QlikView as quite reasonable. Some of the applications that QlikView described in its collateral are not applications of BI that we have seen before. So QlikView has creative ideas in term of how to use their application – which can benefit buyers beyond merely the provision of the technology. Generally, the best software vendors provide not only the software but also have a deep reservoir of knowledge about how to best use their application. We have found this to be true of through the years of multiple vendors – with PlanetTogether, Demand Works and ToolsGroup being just a few notable examples. This collateral shows that QlikView is thinking “outside the box” about how to use their applications, and not merely sitting back passively waiting for customers to tell them how they want to use their application.

Consulting and Support

With software vendors, there are generally two different ways that can suffer. For large software vendors, they become bureaucratic, focused on cost savings – they often outsource support to low-cost countries. The other way support suffers is if the software vendors are in a fast growth phase and can’t keep up with demand. QlikView falls in this second category.

Internal Efficiency

QlikView has an above-average internal efficiency.


QlikView rates is quite innovative.

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