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As the company is so new, it is difficult to take a full accounting of Rootstock’s ability to implement and support their application – however, they have taken the right strategic decisions in terms of building their infrastructure and connecting with truly value-added partners, which bodes very well for their present and future capabilities.

Quality of Information Provided

The information provided by Rootstock is generally accurate.

Consulting and Support

Rootstock has a low cost of implementation and is generally not implemented by anyone but Rootstock consultants. This means no major software consulting company would need to be involved that would drive up the cost and the implementation timeline. Rootstock will often implement partially by showing up on site and partially be providing remote implementation support, which is far less expensive than full time consulting.

Internal Efficiency

Rootstock did not begin as part of the Salesforce.com AppExchange ecosystem. Instead, it began as a partner with NetSuite, from which it severed the partnership, and very quickly became one of the most important applications on the Force.com platform. This transition was exceedingly smooth and says very good things about the capabilities of Rootstock’s management. This is an experience group that knows how to position their product and leverage partners in a what that is truly strategic – rather than simply to get a marketing bump by including a variety of partner images on one’s website. Rootstock is growing rapidly as its value proposition has become apparent and its manufacturing prospects are now more quickly understanding and gravitating towards SaaS. The main challenge for maintaining high internal efficiency will be managing the growth.


Rootstock has a relatively high Current Innovation Level.

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