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SugarCRM shows many of the textbooks symbols of growth that has been a bit too fast for management. Coming in at a lower price than Salesforce in the active CRM space clearly worked for SugarCRM. SugarCRM has essentially walked down a path that had already been cleared by Salesforce.

Quality of Information Provided

We rate the quality of information provided by SugarCRM to be average.

Consulting and Support

We rate SugarCRM as somewhat below average in consulting and support – however, the application is simple and does not require very much of each.

Internal Efficiency

SugarCRM became an obvious choice for companies that were looking at Salesforce, but wanted to cut their costs. This was a very intelligent strategy by the company’s executives to position itself versus Salesforce in these terms. There is a talent to being able to continually get your applications mentioned in the same breath as another, but then be a lower priced alternative. But aside from this strategy; SugarCRM does not seem to have a second act. One reason for this is the company has not grown internally with quality, and there is not a general agreement as to what strategy to follow next. In fact, aside from the basic nature of SugarCRM’s application, the poor management of the company makes us concern as to SugarCRM’s future ability to improve the product. SugarCRM is taking the short-term path to managing a company.

One major reason that SugarCRM is stagnating is that it is suffering from what we refer to as Harvard MBA Syndrome.


SugarCRM has a low Current Innovation Level. Companies that can’t innovate traditionally move to acquisition (either acquiring or being acquired) and a marketing focus along with layoffs and outsourcing in order to keep their momentum going. by leveraging their credentials. Our overall analysis of SugarCRM leaves us skeptical with the future of the company.

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