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Tableau is the most innovative and we think the most interesting BI software vendor. They have a very powerful application that places a great deal of functionality in the hands of users.

Quality of Information Provided

Due to how sales are structured at Tableau mean the Sales information is only moderately reliable.

Consulting and Support

Tableau has both good consulting and good support.

Internal Efficiency

Tableau has uneven management. Its technical management is excellent, however, its organizational and people management is a weakness, and Tableau does not seem to have the right team in place to grow from a company with a great technology into a bigger and more dominant software company. Tableau is in a critical time in its history – its success is attracting many new employees, partners, etc.. During this stage it is very easy to become corrupted and to lose sight of long-term sustainability.

There are some easy things Tableau could do  — keep developing a great product and begin focusing on how its employees are compensated. Considering the success of the company, the compensation offered by Tableau will bring long-term problems in both retaining and hiring new employees. Right now Tableau can get away with it because people want to get exposure to the latest hot technology, but they cannot count on that as motivator forever. Furthermore, many of Tableau’s policies are not sustainable and will bring it problems down the road. Tableau has “made it” and is now a valuable brand in BI, and has a potential to grow into other markets such as forecasting – a market for which they only currently receive a small amount of their revenues from.


Tableau is the most innovative vendor in the BI space, and one of the most innovative vendors in all of enterprise software. Currently, only 4 software vendors rate a perfect 10 in innovation, and Tableau is one of the four. Tableau is also the only software vendor to have any substantial size and to attain a perfect innovation rating. Tableau has a nice description of its innovations on this page.


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