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ToolsGroup is based in Amsterdam and is one of the most international companies we have ever seen for a company of its size. ToolsGroup gets more of its revenues from Europe than the US.

Quality of Information Provided

ToolsGroup provides a generally good level of information to its customers. Recently ToolsGroup has been promoting demand sensing, which we completely disagree with being a valid way to improve forecast accuracy. However, this seems to be more of an aberration. When it comes to their core information around inventory optimization and demand planning the information provided is quite good.

Consulting and Support

ToolsGroup’s S099 application along with its highly skilled and educated workforce make ToolsGroup a good selection for supply chain planning connoisseurs. If a company is instead not interested in getting into the nuances of supply chain planning, then ToolsGroup would not be a good selection. ToolsGroup, along with SAS are our top-rated vendors in terms of supply and demand planning consulting knowledge, as they simply have a great deal of experience in their consulting operations and are very serious about the topics.

Internal Efficiency

ToolsGroup is on the smaller side and is quite internally efficient and productive.


ToolsGroup has a high Current Innovation Level.

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