MUFI Rating & Risk – Infor Epiphany

MUFI Rating & Risk – Infor Epiphany

MUFI: Maintainability, Usability, Functionality, Implement ability

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Epiphany is yet another Infor acquisition.

Application Detail

Epiphany is a CRM system with one of the stronger integrated marketing platforms. As such its email capabilities are very good, as is its campaign management functionality. Epiphany has possibly the best reporting capabilities of any CRM application although we rate Base ERP’s reporting as slightly better.

At one time Epiphany was the user interface CRM leader, but as is the case with most acquisitions, the software has received little investment from Infor and Epiphany still good has a good user interface is now beginning to lag other CRM applications that are under constant development.

Epiphany Email

Epiphany has a very good email marketing application which allows companies to not only create detailed customer profiles but to adjust then the email offers that it sends to increase response rates.

Epiphany Offer

This email offer has been optimized for a particular recipient; it is made up of different components that can be switched around.

Close to ½ of the CRM applications are now SaaS-based, and this is the precise future direction of the software category more than any other software category. Epiphany was one of the best CRM systems from the pre-SaaS era. As customers have become accustomed to the faster CRM implementations that SaaS providers can offer, Epiphany now lags regarding implementation time, which therefore increases its TCO. Furthermore, it is unlikely to develop very much further under Infor’s control. However, the application is still high enough in enough different areas to warrant a look by buyers.

MUFI Scores

All scores out of a possible 10.

Vendor and Application Risk

The biggest risks for an Infor Epiphany implementation come from the limited functionality of the application combined with the limitations of Infor consulting. We adjust for this in our TCO Calculator for Infor Epiphany.

Likelihood of Implementation Success

This accounts for both the application and vendor-specific risk. In our formula, the total implementation risk is application + vendor + buyer risk. The buyer specific risk could increase or decrease this overall likelihood and adjust the values that you see below.

Risk Definition

See this link for more on our categorizations of risk. We also offer a Buyer Specific Risk Estimation as a service for those that want a comprehensive analysis.

Risk Management Approach

The strengths and weaknesses of Infor Epiphany must be communicated and built into the project plan. As Infor consulting is generally below average, buyers should think of staffing their Infor Epiphany implementations on the heavy side regarding client resources. This is important because it is difficult to find independent consultants who are experienced in Infor Epiphany, although it may be possible to see these resources from a boutique consulting firm that is strong in CRM and has experience in Infor Epiphany. If these two risks are mitigated, an Infor Epiphany implementation has a good likelihood of success.

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