MUFI Rating & Risk – Intuit Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions

MUFI Rating & Risk – Intuit Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions

MUFI: Maintainability, Usability, Functionality, Implement ability

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Intuit was the originator of the standalone financial system and has been fabulously successful. It has very high client satisfaction level. Quickbooks is the go-to financial application for the majority of small to smaller mid-sized businesses. It has gradually increased its scope of functionality over the years, and can even serve manufacturing entities. Quickbooks now has a point of sale application with comes with a barcode scanner, receipt printer, credit card reader and cash drawer. Customers can also hook up various physical inventory scanners for use in a manufacturing facility or a warehouse. Quickbooks is extremely easy to use, which is why so many companies cling to it when it is time to move on to a full-featured system.

Application Detail

Quickbooks Enterprise edition can track 100,000 combined names and items, and hundreds of thousands of employees and partners.

QuickBooks Reports

Quickbooks has decent built-in reporting capabilities.

Quickbooks has primarily been included in this section because it serves as the standard for easy to use financial applications, and in our TCO research, customers are always interested in how a financial application stacks up against Quickbooks, even though most of our customers have outgrown Quickbooks. It has very lightweight functionality, yet it is enough for so many companies. Quickbooks is so easy to implement; it’s hard to call making Quickbooks live within an organization an implementation. More of the implementation comes down to integrating Quickbooks to other application rather than configuring the Quickbooks functionality.

Overall, Quickbooks has sort of barely “enterprise” functionality, and it contains more functionality that it may first appear because it seems that there is no way it could support the size of companies that we see using it, yet it is enough for so many companies. One of the ways that Quickbooks does this is with applications or apps.

Intuit App Store

Intuit has copied the platform approach of AppExchange developed by, and this explains how Quickbooks can be easily extended. We tested quite a few of these apps and found they could be installed very quickly.

MUFI Scores

All scores out of a possible 10.

Vendor and Application Risk

Buyers of Intuit Quickbooks Enterprise are well positioned to have successful implementations. The only real risk factor with an Intuit Quickbooks Enterprise implementation is related to software functionality. Many buyers that currently use the application are actually too large and have too many functionality needs, and should move on to one of the other applications on this list. This is a compliment to Intuit in that they have built such a useful and “sticky” application that they are used in situations where they really should not be. We rate Intuit Quickbooks Enterprise as having only average functionality when compared to other applications in this category – which we realize is not entirely fair. However, this is in fact where Intuit Quickbooks Enterprise is often implemented.

Likelihood of Implementation Success

This accounts for both the application and vendor-specific risk. In our formula, the total implementation risk is application + vendor + buyer risk. The buyer specific risk could increase or decrease this overall likelihood and adjust the values that you see below.

Risk Definition

See this link for more on our categorizations of risk. We also offer a Buyer Specific Risk Estimation as a service for those that want a comprehensive analysis.

Risk Management Approach

There are no special risk management considerations with an Intuit Quickbooks Enterprise aside from matching the application to the proper environment regarding company size and desired functionality. However, if it is implemented in companies that are too big for it, buyers must expect to have to perform some “workarounds.”

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