MUFI Rating & Risk – Oracle RightNow

MUFI Rating & Risk – Oracle RightNow

MUFI: Maintainability, Usability, Functionality, Implement ability

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Right Now is yet another Oracle acquisition which was acquired back in 2012.

Application Detail

RightNow was a mid-pack CRM application, but was supported by a better than average vendor in terms of business practices, management and sustainability – that is before it was acquired by Oracle. Although RightNow stretched the definition of CRM as the application was always weak in some core CRM functionalities but then strong in other areas not traditionally part of CRM. Another example of this is that RightNow was considered the go to solution for call center CRM.

RightNow was surging as a vendor prior to the Oracle acquisition. However, RightNow’s price was increased and potential future improvement was reduced through the Oracle acquisition. Furthermore, the merger was bad cultural fit with Oracle’s aggressive anything goes and low quality sales information combined with RightNow’s conservative management approach.

RightNow was developing to be a far broader solution prior to the Oracle acquisition, but that strategy as has changed after the merger and many of RightNow’s strategic plans for improvement have been halted or slowed. The acquisition came at a bad time because RightNow was really still developing as an application and seemed destined to move into some interesting directions. RightNow would have been far better if it had stayed independent as many buyers now complain about performance issues, something that the ever cost cutting Oracle support is not equipped to handle.

RighNow is a SaaS solution, however requires a client download in order to access the SaaS system. When RightNow was making some of its greatest headway, it was when the CRM market was beginning to differentiate.

Currently, the area where RightNow is strongest, is developing into its own sub area called call center or contact center or service center Software. CRM vendors are much better known, and so many are attempting to grow in that direction, notably Salesforce with its Service Cloud – vendors like Aspect and Zendesk. These vendors have better applications in this area than anything produced by a mainline CRM vendor. This software provides both phone and chat related functionality, but also adds areas to websites such as help centers that take up permanent residence on the site. In fact we have been impressed with some of the application in the call center or service center software category, and would never accept any of the CRM systems that we cover as substitutes. (we don’t believe it to be large enough yet to invest resources in covering)

RightNow is a super premium priced CRM option. However, it is difficult to see how it is worth the price with its questionable roadmap, persistent performance problems along with the severly lacking Oracle support. As soon as RightNow was purchased by Oracle, it instantly lost all of its organizational attributes, and assumed the negative attributes of Oracle. While a contender a prior to 2012, RightNow is an application to stay away from “right now.”

MUFI Scores

All scores out of a possible 10.

Vendor and Application Risk

Buyers who purchase Oracle CRM On Demand have a strong tendency to be “Oracle shops,” who have often not performed their due diligence or run a proper software selection. Oracle CRM On Demand has a problematic combination of a low level of functionality with Oracle’s habitual overselling of all of its solutions. When this combination exists, it means dialing back the promises that were made during the sales cycle to something that can actually be implemented.

Likelihood of Implementation Success

This accounts for both the application and vendor specific risk. In our formula the total implementation risk is application + vendor + buyer risk. The buyer specific risk could increase or decrease this overall likelihood and adjust the values that you see below.

Risk Definition

See this link for more on our categorizations of risk. We also offer a Buyer Specific Risk Estimation as a service for those that want a comprehensive analysis.

Risk Management Approach

Expectations must be lowered prior to the project kick off and the scope must be conservative. IT got what it wanted by choosing a convenient application and maintaining their Oracle connections rather than choosing a competitive application that will add much value to the business. Now the implementation is when the price will be paid for making this decision. If the business requirements are low, then there is a possibility of success. Low expectations are the best bet for a successful Oracle CRM On Demand implementation.    

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