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Stanford Has a Taste for Facism — and Condi

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  • The Hoover Institute or the Torture Institute?
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Stanford seems to be trying to monopolize the acquisition of people who are both evil and consistently wrong. They recently re-hired Condoleeza Rice as a professor and set her up as a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute. Largely regarded as “a hand puppet” with very few original ideas, and willing to repeat almost any false or idiotic line of reasoning, it’s hard to see what type of actual “research” she will be producing at either Stanford or at Hoover. Actually, it’s likely most of her research will be ghostwritten for her and she will just need to sign her name to Hoover’s drivel. She is extraordinarily subordinated to power and will do anything to support it no matter how twisted or illegal. Her main role now is as an apologist for illegal activities of the outlaw administration that she was once a part of. She does not think waterboarding is torture and believes 9-11 justifies all of the illegal activities undertaken by the US military and law enforcement that followed the event.  If laws were enforced equally, she would now be facing criminal prosecution. She is considered one of the weakest heads of the State Department in US history, and the weakest National Security Adviser by a very wide margin. For all of these reasons, she is a perfect fit for the Hoover Institute.

Hoover Fake Research Institute

We have written how Stanford uses a fake research institute which, because Stanford has a fascist political agenda, it uses to publish fake and non-peer reviewed research.


We have charted their hires and have observed a consistent authoritarian and fascist leaning in the type of people they bring into the Hoover Institute as “senior fellows.” Their previous pro-torture hire was Donald Rumsfeld.


The Hoover Institute or the Torture Institute?

Rumsfeld proved such an embarrassment and public image problem that he has been removed from the Hoover website. Other people who have been employed by Hoover as “senior fellows” include Milton Friedman, who was, through his support of Augusto Pinochet, apparently either unconcerned with torture or strongly in favor of it. One of Milton Friedman’s main concepts was to have societies in such a devastated state that they were finally ready for his form of “economic shock therapy.” This is well documented in Naomi Klein’s book “The Shock Doctrine.” Friedman’s economic philosophy centered on stripping away protections for individuals and privatizing the most basic services like water management (as was done in Equador and Bolivia by Bechtel and has been roundly internationally condemned) and then increasing the price to exorbitant levels and letting those who cannot afford it do without.


Friedman had a term for this, it was called “market liberalization.” Concentrated power has an entire economic nomenclature for what is more generally termed corruption or fraud. Friedman was such an effective for the promoter of corporate pillage that he worked for Hoover for decades.

Who Else Works for Hoover?

Other people employed by Stanford-Hoover include global warming deniers and other friends of Exxon. Hoover is a lobbying and public relations firm masquerading as a think tank, and they are working behind the scenes to undercut environmental rules, public education and helping to promote war. Stanford is extremely proud of their creation and the top administrator and fund raisers see it as a great accomplishment. All of this is to increase the wealth of their major contributors who pre-define the research results they want to be published by Hoover. As with other neocons, they have been beating the drum for attacking Iran, ostensibly because they are close to developing one of something that we have a hundred thousand of (a nuclear weapon). They of course also have something else Hoover’s donors have in interest in – oil. Because of this the neocons, Condi included, would like to bring them “democracy.” As we find the time, we will be looking into the background of other Hoover Institute fellows.


Bechtel has been a major recipient of no bid contracts in both Latin America and Iraq. It is also likely that Bechtel is a contributor to Hoover. Bechtel shares many associations with Hoover, the most prominent being George Schultz who was both a Senior Fellow at Hoovers and sat on the Bechtel board of directors. George Schultz was mentored by Milton Friedman and was famous for promoting the concept that Nicaragua was a was mortal threat to the United States, and was an architect of US policy towards the country that leads to torture by the CIA and by US-backed Nicaraguan security forces. Many of these were organized out of Honduras and were managed by the US Embassador to Honduras, John Negroponte who has such a strong record of supporting and coordinating torture for US interests under Reagan, that he was the natural selection of George W Bush to be the Embassador to the United Nations. Negroponte is also a personal friend of both George Schultz. That makes the following list:

  • Condoleeza Rice
  • John Negroponte
  • George Schultz
  • Milton Friedman
  • Donald Rumsfeld

That is five people, four of which are strongly in favor of and associated with torture, and one who is has coordinated torture and who is strongly associated with both Rice and Schultz.