The Brightwork Research SAP Indirect Access Lawsuit Support

Executive Summary

  • We are the only research entity that provides SAP indirect access lawsuit support.
  • We provide the most knowledgeable SAP indirect access expert witness support.

About Our Research Focus

We are both a research entity that focuses on SAP and is a provider of indirect access lawsuit support.

SAP Indirect Access

Indirect access is a license restriction enforced by SAP that demands that customers pay SAP in certain circumstances to connect non-SAP systems to SAP systems.

  • SAP’s indirect access policy has been the source of several lawsuits, including very prominently SAP v. Diageo. 
  • Shaun Snapp was the first individual covering the SAP space to identify SAP’s indirect access program as a violation of the tying arrangement clause of US antitrust law (that is essentially similar to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer/Windows tying policy). This is explained in the article How to Understand SAP’s Indirect Access and Anti Trust Law. 
  • One software vendor later hired a Duke University law professor who wrote a paper that came to the same conclusion regarding the violation of the tying arrangement violation. 

Our SAP Indirect Access Lawsuit Support

  • We combine both SAP implementation experience, one of the largest research databases on SAP, along with the experience supporting attorneys in areas ranging from intellectual property to implementation cases to support our SAP expert witness offering.
  • Because of our in-depth research ability, we can support attorneys with research directed around the specific case. For example, one fertile area we research is case studies for how SAP uses indirect access to customers.
  • We offer everything from verification of exploratory research to supporting lengthy full-time cases.