The Case of Loujain al-Hathloul: The Justice One Can Expect in Islamic Societies

Last Updated on August 23, 2021 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • Liberals love to defend Islam. However, they don’t appear to like the outcomes of the legal systems in Islamic countries.
  • Do these terrible outcomes have anything to do with Islam?


As we cover in the article How Elton John, George Clooney, Ellen Degeneres, and the UN are Islamophobic, Brunei implemented Sharia, “Islamophobia” many liberals, who have been the fiercest defenders of Islam, seemed to strongly condemn Brunei doing nothing more than implementing Islamic law in their country. This article covers what one of the US’s strongest allies did to imprison a woman who drove her car before the Muslim ban on women driving was lifted. She further insulted the Royal family by filming the event.

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Saudi Arabia’s PR Offensive

Saudi Arabia engaged in a major PR offensive before the Jamal Khashoggi scandal that US media “ate up.”

Western media largely bought what MBS had to say — without evaluating the widescale abuse all through Saudi Arabia. He then lied about women being allowed to drive, and that women decide themselves to cover their body. For the women that worked for 60 Minutes, it was great fun…because they were not having Saudi rules applied to them, and they would, of course, be able to leave. 

The statements made by the 60 Minute team was almost as if they were high on drugs. They brought virtually no understanding of Saudi Arabia, and this information is straightforward to find.

The Case of Loujain al-Hathloul in Saudi Arabia

Loujain al-Hathloul is an activist in Saudi Arabia who was arrested for the crime of driving.

According to her sister, Loujain was tortured and sexually assaulted in prison. She was threatened with being murdered and being raped by those who were detaining her. 

Loujain was put in prison for breaking a rule that has its justification based upon Islam. There are no non-Islamic countries that prevent women from driving or from walking around without a male guardian. Loujain was held for two years without bail before she stood trial, where she was convicted for 5 years in prison. However, through some sort of strange legal machinations, she will be credited for time served and is set to be released in two months. Something else Islamic courts need is some education on math. Furthermore, she was charged under Saudi Arabia’s counterterrorism laws. But this highlights the completely arbitrary nature of courts in Saudi Arabia.

Again, Loujain’s crime was driving a car, however, they tried to make connections with her speaking to people outside of Saudia Arabia — and concocted some type of conspiracy. This is quite standard in Muslim societies which are based on unceasing lying.


This is the case is a problem for two groups in the US. One is liberals, who need to continue to defend Islam from “Islamophobia,” which means observing the outcomes in Islamic countries without whitewashing it — which by itself is Islamophobic. Even though the ban on driving is based upon Islam, liberals in the US need to be able to say that this driving ban, the holding of Loujain al-Hathloul, and torturing her has “nothing to do with Islam.” Liberals know they have to be very careful how they critique this outcome for Loujain al-Hathloul.

The second group this is a problem for is the defense complex. Saudi Arabia is a strategic partner of the US, and the US Government has a multi-decade PR campaign to present Saudi Arabia as constantly making progress. The US Government will respond to this by either not commenting and hoping the story goes away. The US Government has a lot of experience in ignoring and deemphasizing horrific outcomes in Saudi Arabia, so they know what to do.

This video is produced by Al Jazeera, which receives its funding and is censored by Qatar’s government. This video honestly describes the problem of the imprisonment of female activists. 

Even though Qatar and Saudi Arabia are a few of the only states in the world to practice Wahabbism, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have had a falling out. This means that Qatar will publish true information about Saudi Arabia. Naturally, Al Jazeera will not be publishing the same on their justice system.