The Falsified KPMG Report on Corruption in South Africa

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Executive Summary

  • KPMG published a report on corruption in South Africa that was complete fiction.
  • KPMG later withdrew the report.


The following video describes a fraudulent report created by KPMG in South Africa. This fake report that accused people that opposed corruption, being accused of corruption.

This is typical of the work from KPMG. No report generated by KPMG can be trusted.  

See our references for this article and related articles at this link.


We cover in the article Financial Audits as So Corrupt to be Useless, that the audit firms do not actually audit companies. Any one of the significant auditing houses will sell their audits — and they are not held accountable when the company goes bankrupt, so there is no need for them to worry about liability. Furthermore, the various audit boards that are created ostensibly to safeguard the integrity of the auditing process will do nothing to regulate auditing companies.

But the corruption on the part of auditing firms goes beyond fake audits. In this case, they constructed an entirely fabricated report which accused their political enemies of corruption. This is the same company that was the auditing firm for the Guptas and found nothing irregular in one of the great fraudulent schemes in the history of South Africa.

This once again illustrates that there is no false report or audit that KPMG will not publish if the price is right.