The Impact of The Brahmin Billionaires on the US and India

Last Updated on July 4, 2021 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • In India, the upper caste of brahmins has been critical in turning the country into a disaster area.
  • This article will cover the plans of the brahmins in the US and other countries.


A group of horrible humans in India, the Brahmin Billionaires, are part of a larger group that has turned India into a disaster area that everyone but the wealthy wants to leave.

The Brahmins Desire to Leave the Sinking Ship of India

Indians have given up any idea of reforming India, and their only answer is to “get out of Dodge.” So in a way, Indians are like rats on a ship, but the problem is that their culture is what created that sinking ship.

India Since Independence

India has made zero social progress since the British left.

  • They have degraded the infrastructure that the British left behind.
  • They have increased their population by a factor of four since independence in 1947.
  • They have the same sedition laws on the book written by the British to control the Indian colony. This means that India has no more respect for freedom of speech in what should be a free country than the British did for a colony they meant to control.
  • India is rated as the worst place globally to be a woman — the trade places with Afghanistan every year or so, as is covered in this article.
  • One can have people killed for $200 (so people watch what they say)
  • There are repeated incidents of extreme gang rape events in public places like buses. It is frequent for Brahmins to gang rape lower caste women and, because the Indian legal system is so corrupt, nothing happens to them.

One has to wonder about the morality of a society where no one would step in to stop this. 

Reform is simply impossible in India. Indians can only improve their condition by immigrating to normal white countries which have far better standards, but which Indians begin to degrade and take advantage of as soon as they arrive. Indians do not lobby or sacrifice to make anything better, their culture only allows them to figure out how to maximize their personal benefit by corrupting existing systems. This would be a very difficult thing to blame on the British colonial period, as this is not part of British culture.

India’s Hell on Earth and Indian Credibility

This is a system that Brahmins and other upper-case Indians support and which they would like to impose on the countries to which they have immigrated. These things are not covered much in media because unless an injustice happened in a white country and was perpetrated by whites, it is not noteworthy, so the lack of coverage of India means Westerners sort of walk around completely oblivious to the society that Indian culture created. And Indians do not go to great lengths to bring it up. If people in the US and Europe knew more about India, it would severely damage the reputation of Indians living here and there. When Indians speak, they are not viewed within the lens of what they accomplished for their country. Instead, they tend to be treated like any other Westerner voicing an opinion.


Indian culture is dishonest. When they first arrived in India, the British found this, so it is not something that the British culture brought to India. Indians are significantly degrading the lives of non-Indians in all of the countries where Indians immigrate. And to understand why it is important to know that Indians are bringing their culture with them from India. Since independence, India has made no reforms but has grown its population. This has created an increased desperation level, and Indians then bring this culture to where they immigrate.