The Myth That Unvaccinated Pose a Threat To The Vaccinated

Executive Summary

  • There is a proposal that everyone must be vaccinated to protect the vaccinated.
  • This takes the historical logic of vaccinations and turns it on its head.


A significant area of false information presented and generally accepted is that the covid vaccines work by having the entire society vaccinated. This has caused the vaccinated to resent the unvaccinated and for the unvaccinated to be fired from jobs and face enormous discrimination. However, the unpinning logic of the threat posed by the unvaccinated on the vaccinated requires investigation, which is what we do in this article.

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Get the Vaccines to Protect Others?

The primary argument to convince those at virtually no risk from covid to get vaccinated has been that it is designed to protect others. This argument is invalid because it is contradicted from several different dimensions.

Myth #1: Vaccines Are Supposed to Protect the Unvaccinated From the Virus

This has been the rule since vaccines were first introduced. Furthermore, this is a very suspicious reason to get a vaccine and should cause one to question how effective the vaccines are. Before the covid vaccines, vaccines stopped the person vaccinated from getting infected by alerting their adaptive immune system to create antibodies. Since when are vaccines used to create herd immunity?

It appears that the desire is to have the public be entirely unknowledgeable of how vaccines work because this has never been how vaccines have been designed.

How Vaccines Are Supposed to Work Like a Bicycle Lock

Shockingly, these people do not know vaccines are supposed to protect the vaccinated. It is irrelevant whether other people are vaccinated. If you need other people to be vaccinated for safety, the vaccine does not work. It’s like a bike lock; your unlocked bike does not prevent other people’s bikes from being stolen. If you lock your bike to prevent other people’s bikes from being stolen, something weird happens with their bike locks. Vaccines work the same way as a bike lock. They are designed to stop the bike lock from being stolen. In an attempt to maximize their revenues, the covid vaccine manufacturers are proposing something illogical: the only way any bike can be safe is if all the bikes in an area or a nation are locked or every single person has the vaccine. If we extend the analogy further, we can see that not all bikes need to be locked.

A bike stored in one’s home need not be locked, and bikes in small towns may not need to be locked. Even if the vaccines worked, they do not; not everyone would need one. Children are at such low risk from covid that vaccines carry far more risks than benefits. Again, the COVID vaccines do nothing against COVID-19, so in reality, no one benefits from taking a vaccine. However, I am setting up a second scenario where the vaccines did work. Covid is so weak as a virus, with an average mortality age of 81.5. If they worked, only those with the weakest immune systems (the aged, the morbidly obese, or other pre-existing severe conditions) would need to take them.

Much of Society, As Well As the US Military, Buys Into the Myth of Universal Vaccination

The following article shows that the US Military can’t figure this out.

The same issue applies to kicking everyone out of the Army because it is a risk to the vaccinated soldiers. 

Myth #2: The Myth of Asymptomatic Spread

One of the arguments used to promote children getting the vaccine, even though they are at nearly unmeasurable risk from covid, is that children, or asymptomatic carriers, might transmit the virus to their far more vulnerable grandparents.

This video explains that children who do not develop symptoms do not transmit covid and act as brakes on transmission. However, to maximize the profits for pharmaceutical companies, the establishment media provides false information about the risk to children from COVID-19 and their propensity to transmit the virus. 

The argument of spread from asymptomatic carriers is false, as asymptomatic carriers (which amounts to those who have already killed the virus) do not transmit the virus, as is covered in the article How Pharma and Media Lied About Asymptomatic Transmission to Promote Vaccines.

Ooops…Vaccines They Don’t Even Stop The Vaccinated From Spreading the Virus

When the vaccines were first given Emergency Use Authorization, it was never part of the studies presented to the FDA whether they reduced the spread of the virus, even though it was proposed that it was likely, as is explained in this video.

JAMA produced the following video on the mRNA vaccines.

This video is not included as a reliable source, and nearly everything presented in the video is false. Still, it is included to show how incorrect the information provided about the vaccines by the most prestigious medical journals and medical authorities has been. 

Pfizer, Moderna the NIH, and JAMA’s False Claim That The Vaccines Protect Against Transmission

This video was uploaded to YouTube in Feb of 2021. As I write this in Feb of 2022, it is now known that the mRNA vaccines do not limit transmission, which is covered in the article How The Covid Vaccines Do Nothing to Stop The Vaccinated From Getting Or Transmitting Covid. At roughly the 2-minute 56-second mark, the video states that the vaccines may protect against transmission. However, the studies did not test for this, as acknowledged in the video. Yet, the video claims that something the studies did not test for is likely valid.

The vaccines don’t stop people from spreading the virus, so they were approved under the Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA. This means the vaccines were approved based on false information. Furthermore, the FDA, CDC, and the establishment media lied about this fact since the vaccines were first introduced.

However, observe the claims made by the CDC.

There remains the misconception that COVID-19 vaccines were designed to prevent infections altogether, leading people to believe the vaccines aren’t working as they should when they learn about breakthrough infections among the vaccinated. But the coronavirus vaccines are doing exactly what they were designed to do, which is to prevent severe disease, including the need for hospitalization, and death — even in the presence of more dangerous versions of the virus such as the delta variant. – Miami Herald

This claim is false as neither the Pfizer nor Moderna studies submitted to the FDA had any measurement of “preventing severe disease.”

Let us review the tables from the study.

Study Topic #1: The Primary Justification for Emergency Use Authorization

The preliminary test was whether the vaccines reduced the number of people who became ill with covid.

The primary table is copied from Pfizer’s study submitted to the FDA. It shows that out of 18198 people who received the vaccine, eight contracted COVID-19.

Of those in the placebo group, out of 18325, 168 contracted covid. Pfizer declared the vaccine was 95% effective in preventing people from getting covid.

Both of these numbers are now suspect as a whistleblower has come forward and declared that the Pfizer study was rigged. However, let us take what the study says about itself.

That is what the emergency use authorization was based upon. 

Study Topic #2: Two Fewer People (Out of More Than 18,000) Died in the Test Group

Two people died in the test group, and four died in the placebo group. In each case, that is out of roughly 18,000 people. The study never demonstrated that any death was from covid. 

The effectiveness of the vaccines was promoted based on stopping people from being infected with covid.

This video is from May 2021. As communicated by President Biden, according to the CDC (at that time), the risk of getting covid was so low you did not need to wear a mask. That implies that vaccination stops people from getting covid. What happened to that story? The story has changed without any health authorities or establishment media admitting it changed. 

Therefore, the CDC is changing the story now that it is evident that the vaccines do nothing to stop transmission. There is also no evidence that the vaccines contain the severity of covid symptoms. You can see the analysis of Pfizer and Moderna studies in the article How Effective Are The Covid-19 Vaccines?

The story of these vaccines keeps changing as the medical authorities have altered the original justifications for taking them.

On the CDC’s False Claim Around the Delta Variant

Returning to the CDC quote in the Miami Herald, the Delta Variant was not more dangerous than the Alpha variant; it was and is less dangerous. It is more virulent but less dangerous. First, we were told it was more difficult, which meant more of a reason to get vaccinated. When it was less risky, the establishment media did not admit that their first explanation of the Delta Variant was incorrect.

How About the Importance of Flattening the Curve?

A second argument for vaccines is to “flatten the curve.” Even if the vaccines worked, this is another false construct by those promoting the pandemic, covered in the article How The Flatten the Curve Argument For Lockdowns Always Contained False Assumptions.

Hospitals cannot do much for those with covid. The US, in particular, has adopted a covid protocol far worse than the virus, as covered in the article ” How The US Covid Treatment Protocol Maximized Hospital Admissions and Deaths.


The establishment media or health authorities continually present a concept designed to promote vaccination that is historically inconsistent with vaccines — which is that vaccines must be taken universally to protect the overall society and that the unvaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated. To paraphrase a commenter on an article I was reading.

These are the first vaccines where their ineffectiveness of blamed on the unvaccinated.

When debating people who have had their minds controlled by medical establishment-controlled media, here are a few good questions to consider.

Question #1: Why A Different Logic for Covid Vaccines?

If one is debating a COVID-19 vaccine proponent, one would be able to answer the question as to why COVID-19 vaccines have been explained differently than any previous vaccine.

Question #2: Why Is There No Penalty Paid By Health Authorities For Changes in the Story?

As time has passed, the story of covid and the story of the vaccines has continually changed. However, the establishment media has never brought this up or penalized those who made wrong statements or predictions. The establishment media never asks why the story keeps changing, and the media presents changed information as if that is how the information had always been.

What Do Vaccination Levels Between Countries Show?

Countries like Israel, with very high vaccination levels, have very high cases. Countries with low vaccination levels, like Africa, have deficient cases.

Indonesia and India have deficient vaccination levels, and both stopped relying on vaccination and started using Ivermectin and other treatments. They outperform those countries that are heavily vaccinated.

The establishment media strongly critiqued Indonesia when its cases spiked in August 2021. Then, when Indonesia used Ivermectin to bring down the issues, the establishment media stopped covering the story, as is covered in the article How the Media Chose to Smear Indonesia for Using Ivermectin for Coronavirus.

  • Not only is universal vaccination or just a high level of vaccination not correlated with reduced covid, but there also appears to be an inverse correlation.
  • This means that the claims around the requirement for universal vaccination are not only hypothetically or logically invalid, but they also are not born out by cross-country comparisons.

Furthermore, as the story of the medical establishment keeps changing, things we are currently being told are also not true.

Observe the following video, which shows yet another error in the initial information about one of the vaccines.

The Modera Vaccine Dosages Were Always Set To High

This video explains that it turns out the dosages of the Moderna vaccines were too high, and that caused myocarditis or inflammation of the heart.

Covid Vaccination Program: “Operation Guinea Pig”

After using billions of people as Guinea Pigs, the CDC now admits the dosages were incorrect. However, months before this, the idea that the vaccines caused myocarditis was smeared as a right-wing conspiracy theory, and now, this is accepted by the medical establishment.

How Health Authorities Continually Validate What Were Previously Called Conspiracy Theories

The medical establishment has tried to keep up with conspiracy theorists throughout this pandemic. Every time a new announcement from the medical establishment reverses a previous position and validates the last “conspiracy theory,” I already knew it (and many other people also knew it), often roughly eight months before the CDC made the announcement.

Addressing the Damage

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