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The Oracle Sales Intelligence Highlights

Access the Reality on Oracle

You have found the most comprehensive and realistic information available about Oracle. This research is critical competitive intelligence that will help you in your campaign against Oracle.

This study includes the following:

  • What is driving Oracle’s database market share and what are the factors driving it.
  • What is currently happening to the hosting of the Oracle database and what it means for Oracle’s customer account control?
  • The reality around the Oracle Cloud.
  • The reality around Oracle’s Cloud ERP, Cloud Procurement, etc…
  • We fact check explanations around Oracle that are published by IT media and IT analysts and Oracle consulting firms.
  • Learn the real story around Oracle rather than the information that is published around Oracle that tends to be controlled by Oracle.

Says Who?

Brightwork is the go-to research firm on Oracle. This is the only research that provides the truth on Oracle without any financial relationship to Oracle. We are connected to many sources of intelligence on Oracle, ranging from Oracle sales to Oracle customers and support this information with Oracle product knowledge. 

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Improving Your Win Percentage Against Oracle

Our customers have gained a substantial competitive advantage against Oracle. Typically, they provide parts of the research to customers who turn around and use as sales objections. Be prepared with strong talking points during customer engagements and watch your win rate increase.